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‘There are no hostages’ says the guy defending R Kelly


Steve Greenberg enjoys getting the underdog.

“When you beat the much better team. When they’ve obtained the much better players and they’ve obtained the far better assets, it can be a wonderful thrill when you win.”

He is chatting about his vocation as a criminal defence law firm in the US, in which his most superior-profile client is now the singer R Kelly.

The star, very best acknowledged for hits like I Think I Can Fly and Ignition (Remix) is at present awaiting demo on 10 counts of sexually abuse, all of which he denies.

Mr Greenberg is decided to get.

“Losing every single scenario hurts. No make a difference what the points are, no make a difference who the particular person is, no make any difference how guilty they might be,” he tells BBC presenter Ben Zand in The Up coming Episode podcast.

“I am happy defending any one. I have defended serial boy or girl rapist killers. I have defended mass murderers. It is not my job to make a price judgment as to irrespective of whether someone’s conduct is proper or incorrect morally.”

But when it comes to the singer, Mr Greenberg is confident of his client’s innocence.

“It (Kelly’s upcoming trial) is going to finish with a dismissal or a ‘not guilty’ verdict,” he suggests. 

Kelly is accused of sexually abusing four women of all ages, three of whom had been underage at the instances of the alleged crimes.

Just one of the alleged victims was a teenage supporter who attempted to get the singer’s autograph during a previous trial in 2008. 

Another is stated to have satisfied him at her 16th birthday get together. 

A 3rd was his former hairdresser, Latina Carter.

And the accusations will not end there. Dozens of ladies have appear forward over the years, claiming to have been abused by the singer. 

But Mr Greenberg suggests the singer isn’t really the gentleman he is being painted out to be. 

“The R Kelly I know is a standard guy. You know, he lives in a frequent condo in Trump Tower. He eats McDonald’s. He plays basketball. He smokes cigars at a cigar bar. He is a pretty uncomplicated guy.

“I am going to inform you what, he’s awfully potent due to the fact I will not know that I could stand up with all these accusations and not have a full breakdown.”

In accordance to the prosecution a significant piece of proof in the forthcoming demo lies in a videotape. A recording that they say reveals R Kelly getting sexual intercourse with a 14-year-aged woman. 

A equivalent tape was introduced in the singer’s 2008 little one pornography circumstance. In that occasion, Kelly’s defence team certain the jury that the id of the woman was not conclusive, and he was located not guilty.

“There is no new video clip out there. That is not proper,” Mr Greenberg says, even with American information network CNN claiming to have witnessed it. 

“I never care if they have seen it. I will not imagine that’s baby pornography of R Kelly. It may possibly be child pornography of another person else, I don’t know. It could not be little one pornography at all. 

“That is not a new or diverse video clip than the movie that a jury made a decision was not R Kelly.”

The singer’s also been accused of holding girls hostage in his home and functioning a sexual intercourse cult.

He denies this and two of the females allegedly getting held from their will have appeared on US television defending the singer.

“They’re not hostages,” statements Mr Greenberg. 

“I have been about to his condo. We have been studying, we’ve been chatting about stuff. We resolved we needed to get one thing to try to eat. The two ladies went out to Chipotle, down the road to get the foodstuff and convey it again. 

What about the parents of a single of the females, Joycelyn Savage, who insist their daughter has been slice off from the outside earth?

“I have listened to Darrell (R Kelly’s publicist) and he is adamant, adamant that a meeting ought to just take place. 

“They really should see their daughter. He is conveyed the similar information to the Savages. They want some assembly in some neutral internet site,” suggests Mr Greenberg.

Even with all the accusations, the developing selection of victims coming forward and the promise of a new video clip tape, Mr Greenberg is sure his aspect will earn.

If he is incorrect, the 52-year-previous singer faces up to 70 years in prison. 

But Mr Greenberg is seeking ahead to defending the singer when he goes back again to court upcoming week.

“This is what I do. This is what I desired to do since I was a very little kid. I want to protect persons who are charged with significant crimes.”

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