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Video: How Adom FM’s Afia Pokua was nicknamed Vim Woman


Vim Girl is a identify quite a few have termed Adom FM’s news Editor Afia Pokua.

For several a long time, she has been identified as so and numerous individuals do not know her actual identify. As to how the name came about, they do not know.

Talking Friday on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, the news anchor said ‘Vim Lady’ was derived from Nana Boroo’s ‘Aha Ye De’.

Kasɛ vim, vim, afei momma me vim, vim,” is the lyric from the music she selected the name from. 

According to her, she favored the expression which is usually employed to imply self-confidence.

“The song was popping everywhere. Nana Boroo was even the direct musician for that year’s Adom FM’s Easter Kwawu competition. I adopted the time period from there,” she exposed.

Afia Pokua additional, her co-personnel started off contacting her ‘Vim Lady’ “and I mentioned why not, permit me just adopt the title. That is how it has stuck with me over the decades.”

She told Andy Dosty, host of the exhibit that as a radio broadcaster who uses her voice to get listeners to respond or pay back attention, adopting phrases is one thing that she makes use of to assist her in the profession.

Afia Pokua spelled out it allows her travel house a point, leave an impact in the minds of listeners. 

“Even musicians do that. That is why you would listen to a track and experience sad, delighted or indignant.”

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