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Pictures: Ciara Proves Afro Hair Is A great deal A lot more Appreciated Than Weave & Perms With Her Afro Puffs, Lady Of Rage Design – FashionGHANA.com: 100% African Vogue



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Ciara has been in the place gentle recently not only for her amazing singing and dancing expertise, but the back again and forth content articles detailing her position with rapper Potential and boy or girl support difficulties.

Her recent attendance at the Fulfilled Gala 2019 observed the soul/rnb singer go viral with her Afro hair, but what numerous really don’t know is her Afro puff glimpse was essentially amongst some of the most viral photos surfacing the internet.

Ciara has posted loads of really pics with pony tails, lengthy hair slipping to the neck, and normally averaging in between 200,000 to 600,000 likes. On the other hand, her Afro puff glance topped them all, getting her above 1million likes on her instagram.

Disproving the narative that the world appreciates African/black ladies more with straight hair and that they are considerably far more attactive with weaves and perms. As a make any difference of fact, we can wager you any money really should would be two times as profitable generating her artwork and films with her normal curly hair with African variations. Was it not braids that set Beyonce viral some years back when she visited Cuba?

The nolstagia from the acknowledgement of this usually takes us again to the 1990s when weaves had dominated culture to unbelievable amounts. When Queen Latifah was no more time in fashion, and all we had was a young Lil Kim and other RnB singers. A track surfaced that hit The united states really hard and built it’s way to Ghana topping the radio stations and property get-togethers. Naturally ahead of we experienced a powerful afrobeat circuit. That was Lady of Rage feat Snoop Dogg with Afro Puffs. It appears Ciara just put Afro Puffs on the map on a major scale like Rage did again them.

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