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“I’m a frustrated chairman, I can’t be proud of comatose party” – Bernard Mornah accuses Akufo Addo of killing the PNC


Bernard Mornah lamented how Edward Mahama’s acceptance of an appointment to serve in a government the PNC intends to unseat, while he still remains the leader of the party per its own constitution has brought the party to a standstill.

“He is the leader of the party. As we speak, that is the constitution of our party, so being the leader of the party, it is obvious that he has taken the party to the NPP,” Bernard Mornah said in an exclusive interview with Pulse Ghana’s Andreas Kamasah. “Here we are, for the past four months we have not been able to hold a meeting. Any time you want to call a meeting, he is on an assignment, and so meetings must be held at the convenience of the ambassador at large, and he has not relinquished his position.

“And so, when national chairman organises a meeting, they ask have you informed the leader of the party? So, you ask yourself, how can we flourish as a political party?”

“I’m a frustrated chairman, I can’t be proud of comatose party” – Bernard Mornah accuses Akufo Addo of killing the PNC

Edward Mahama is not the only member of the PNC serving in the NPP government, and it should not be a problem if any Ghanaian, regardless of their political affiliation accepts to serve the nation as the PNC leader and others are doing currently.

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However, Bernard Mornah is suspicious that the NPP led by president Akufo Ado is on a mission to deliberately collapse the PNC, by picking key persons from the party to serve in its government, an action he believes makes it difficult for the PNC to run effectively, let alone be in a strong position to unseat the current government in the 2020 elections.

“The manner in which our presidential candidate was stolen from us by the NPP subtly is a source of worry to me, and as I said to him in one of our meetings, maybe my failure as chairman is that I did not campaign enough for him to become president whereby he could appoint Akufo Addo as ambassador at large, so I accepted responsibility.

“They say he is ambassador at large, my former national chairman, Ahmed Ramadan has been appointed as the first ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, so the man I succeeded has also been consumed by the NPP, and it’s also obvious that our former national youth organizer has also been taken away as deputy NADMO coordinator,” Mornah lamented.

To worsen the PNC’s predicament is the fact that, according to Bernard Mornah, they are not able to raise funds to run the party and its internal activities to enable them prepare sufficiently for the next elections, which is just about one and a half year away.

“I get up and come to you to say we need support to help us hold internal elections, the first question you will ask is that, how can you be in government and be seeking support from those of us outside of government? Because the leader of your party is in government, and it is appreciated that the spoils of government will get to him, evil or otherwise… So, that is a complex for us in raising and mobilizing logistics to be able to carry out party works,” he added.

The two major political parties, the New Patriotic party and the National Democratic Congress have been governing Ghana since 1992, and have the financial and logistical muscles to continue doing so, obviously till some unforeseeable miracle happens.

Internal elections and flagbearer

Even with all the wherewithal, the NDC has elected its flagbearer, former president John Dramani Mahama, and are marketing him now, knowing very well that contending with incumbent NPP’s candidate is a serious exercise which requires utmost seriousness.

However, the PNC and other minor political parties, including the Convention People’s Party (CPP), the Progressive People’s Party (PPP) among others are as usual, ‘delaying’ only to pretend to be busy when it is left with few months to the elections.

“I’m a frustrated chairman, I can’t be proud of comatose party” – Bernard Mornah accuses Akufo Addo of killing the PNC

As for the PNC, Bernard Mornah said it is awaiting a report from its congress committee on preparations at the polling station level through to the national executives’ level, to determine when to hold their regional executives congress hopefully in November this year, and then the national delegates congress will follow early next year to elect the party’s flagbearer.

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“The party is nearly comatose, you call for a meeting and he will tell you sorry I will not be able to make it on this date, let’s put it on another date. Sometimes the issues are such that they need to be confronted hotly so that your relevance in the media can be felt. So, you will notice in particular for me that I don’t issue statements on behalf of the party, I have found other conduits through which I can express myself publicly. Because if you issue a statement and the ambassador at large comes to say he is not aware of the statement, it puts you in a difficult light.

“For instance, the vice president did what he called a townhall meeting parading falsehood…we needed to respond to him, but you have your leader in government serving its interest. Can you call him to sit on a table lambasting the government for economic performance? So, you see the conflict that we have as a party, obviously everything has come to a standstill,” he said.

From this revelation, one can safely predict that the PNC would as usual, not be making any significant impart in the 2020 elections, because electing a flagbearer just some few months to election cannot allow for sufficient marketing of the candidate as well as campaign activities to let the people of Ghana understand their manifesto and why they should choose such a candidate over the incumbent the other contenders.

Merger of all Nkrumahist parties

Some political analysts have advocated for a merger of the smaller political parties, especially those that are inclined to Nkrumah’s ideologies to put them be in a stronger position to give the NPP and NDC a good run for their money, but talks among the parties for several years to facilitate the merger have always not succeeded.

“I’m a frustrated chairman, I can’t be proud of comatose party” – Bernard Mornah accuses Akufo Addo of killing the PNC

Bernard Mornah who vowed to resign without hesitation as chairman of the PNC to see all Nkrumahist parties merged has accused executives of other minor parties of being selfish and greedy, for which reason the merger talks have always been inconclusive.

“Somebody wants to be national chairman like Bernard Mornah, other want to be general secretaries, presidential candidates and so on which in my view are irrelevant, and seeing that it is difficult to get those positions in a bigger political party they frustrate the process. When we get closer to merging and they realise that they are not as popular in the other party, then they begin to frustrate the process. It is the selfishness, the ego, the greed and the pettiness among us to see beyond our nose is the reason we are not uniting,” the frustrated PNC chairman said.

Honestly, even if all the minor political parties are able to merge, it will take them a huge effort for years to convince Ghanaians to abandon the NPP and NDC for them, because as it stands now, all of them put together are unable to garner up to 3% of the total votes cast in terms of presidential elections.

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Until that unlikely miraculous time when the NDC and NPP will be unseated democratically by any other political party to break the back and forth shift of political power, the PNC, CPP, PPP and others will continue to participate in Ghana’s elections as if it were a festival in which they come to perform their ceremonial roles, and whether those roles make any impact at the end of the day or not is none of their business.

You cannot keep doing the same things and expect a different result. If the minor political parties are indeed serious about being relevant in this country, then it is about time they forgot about winning the presidential election and come together to win some number of seats in Ghana’s ‘rubberstamp’ parliament. This will make them contribute to governance by making it difficult for successive governments to exploit majority in parliament to push through selfish agenda at the detriment of the national interest.

Bernard Mornah’s view on the Akuffo Addo government’s performance

While the president Akufo Addo led government is patting itself on the back for creating six new regions, creating temporary jobs for unemployed graduates, improving the country’s Goss Domestic Products among other things, for which some economic analyst, including the international monetary fund have applauded the government, PNC chairman Bernard Mornah has a different view.

He believes that the president and his appointees are just throwing dust in the eyes of ‘ignorant’ Ghanaians, saying it would be difficult to give the government four out of ten for its two-and-a-half-year performance.

“It will be difficult to give Nana Akuffo Addo 4 out of ten, and I am being charitable. The president and his vice want us to believe that economics of averages is enough to determine the wellbeing of the people of Ghana…”

If no other than the IMF and other topnotch economists agree with the government on its claim that it has improved the wellbeing of Ghanaians through favourable policies, then what is the basis for Bernard Mornah’s disagreement?

“I give you instance of the telecom sector. Glo, Airtel-Tigo, Vodafone, and MTN are all foreign companies, so all the telecom providers in the country, none is own by you so when they make their money it is calculated as part of your GDP, but it is taken away the next moment. What you are confronted with is the GNP which determines what the nationals of your country actually produce. So, if the Americans and other countries are using GDP as a determinant of the health of their economy, you too you come and use GDP?

“Go to the oil sector, you own 13% of that oil, and the 87% migrates immediately it is produced. Go to the gold sector, you own less than 5%, so you virtually own nothing. So, to constantly come and tell us that these amount of goods and services have been produced in the country so we are doing well, that is bankruptcy in ideas, because we don’t own our economy,” he asserted in trying to substantiate his claim that the NPP government has performed abysmally.

The PNC is not the only political party to have punched holes in the NPP administration’s performance. The largest opposition NDC is always vehement and quick in ‘marching the government boot for boot’, disputing its figures to buttress claims of having bettered the Ghanaian economy among others.

Political party militias

Regarding the insecurity posed to Ghana by the activities of political party militia groups, Bernard Mornah accused president Akuffo Addo of behaving chameleonically and not displaying genuine honesty.

“I’m a frustrated chairman, I can’t be proud of comatose party” – Bernard Mornah accuses Akufo Addo of killing the PNC

The infamous Ayawaso west Wougon by-election violence which saw the PNC chairman lead a massive protest against the canker early this year compelled the government take many steps towards disbanding all so-called vigilante groups in the country. A commission of enquiry was set up to investigate the incident, a bill intended to legislate against formation and operation of any such groups in the country is currently in parliament, while an engagement between the New Patriotic Party and the National Democratic Congress being mediated by the national peace council is also ongoing, all at the at the behest of the president in a bid to safeguard the peace and stability of the so-called beacon of democracy.

However, Bernard Mornah is not satisfied with any of those. He did not mince words at all in describing the president as a hypocrite.

“The president is behaving like a chameleon, changing colours and attitude. When he was in parliament he was animated and incensed by the actions of people close to him who are visiting mayhem on other citizens, sponsored by the national security minister at the office of the president. Bryan Acheampong is a minister appointed by the president who admitted that the extreme violence we witnessed at Ayawaso west Wougon was orchestrated by him, and you are looking for the perpetrators of that act and the person you appointed has said openly in such brazen arrogance that he did it, and you are telling us that you are looking for the perpetrators, you are not serious, you are a chameleon,” Mornah asserted.

Well, it is the ordinary Ghanaians who are the best judges to decipher the truth between Bernard Mornah’s stance on the state of affairs under the NPP regime and the position of the government itself. Whether their economic and social wellbeing are improving or otherwise, it does not lie in the mouth of any politician; they will feel it.

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