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Main Gh Menswear Designer Abass Spearheads ‘Men In Print Skirts’ Revolution, And Is not Bothered About Homophobia – FashionGHANA.com: 100% African Trend



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When it comes to many muslim communities in Ghana, menswear designer Abass is the go-to designer. For years he run his prosperous line with no even working on social media only until 2018. His crafted himself a large subsequent, that anytime he produced a look it will sell out on pre orders just before the figures were being developed.

Late very last year during Accra Trend Week Summer season Harmattan 2018, the designer took to Accra Vogue 7 days to release a selection of versions for gentlemen, bundled have been some skirts. Considerably to the level it seems as just a couple of goods the designer had included as viewed under.

Nevertheless, his most current selection showcased at Accra Style 7 days 2019 Summer time Harmattan proved that Abass is truly pushing the pattern of adult males in skirts amongst his audience. Look at the online video down below.

When we asked what was the motive guiding his skirt revolution, he replied “Men of Energy have worn skirts for a long time, even if you study the Egyptian pharaohs. Also if you glance at most of the muslim culture, the kaftans menwear to the akans who have been wraps. In truth guys not putting on skirts is anything that was introduced to us by the west. Let us embrace our freedom”

When questioned about how the homophobic close of Africa will react to it he replied “If you are a person you are a gentleman! People know when a gay gentleman wears a skirt and when a guy wears a skirt”.

The designer also acknowledged all the skirt items generated following his Accra Vogue Week clearly show have been marketed out and his company is in the process of creating much more.


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