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Why VGMA’s Must Acquire Accountability For Deficiency Of Protection & Not Strip Stonebwoy & Shatta Off The Awards For Stage Violence – FashionGHANA.com: 100% African Trend



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In the latest updates, the two parties Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale have apologized for their chaos at the VGMA’s. Shatta Wale’s administration apologized for storming the stage after his rival won artist of the yr, and Stonebwoy apologized for pulling out a gun all through the celebration.

Nothing has divided the region a lot more on viewpoints, even a tad little bit extra than our last elections to be straightforward. The VGMA’s has indefinitely banned the two from any even further awards ceremony. The announcement may perhaps be shocking to some, but just one can only envision what the organizers have been by. These kinds of situations keep very significant people, from ministers, to foreign attendees, to sponsors who make the celebration take place monetarily, only for them to arrive and witness they have been in the existence of thugs and gun totters.

The circumstance on a single hand brought a whole lot of publicity so substantially so that even prime stars like Burna Boy weren’t even acknowledged for their participation, neither was Sarkodie actually identified nationally for successful artist of the 10 years because of to the onstage feud. The VGMA’s have now banned Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale indefinitely from the awards night. See the announcement in the sequence of posts underneath.

Whilst, why is not the community greatly essential of organizers behind the VGMA’s. In which other place do you locate an award function, that will allow it’s guest with more than 30 additionally gangsters/thugs realizing incredibly well they have a viscous feud with the unique they are competing with. And if they claim bodygaurds had been their licences checked? Indeed, it is not quick to put these protocols in area, but understanding quite perfectly the local weather of the attendees this shouldn’t have been questioned.

And why would these kinds of an worldwide party of these types of a magnitude not have metallic detectors to detect guns. It was evidently one of these unlicensed human body guards that walked into the event with a gun and handed it to Stonebwoy. If this entire body guard grow to be an offender how would VGMA’s trace his agency. Indicating that VGMA’s is not generating the appropriate platform for a secured it is audience of substantial calibre.

The governing administration need to also penalize the VGMA’s for putting life at possibility if they would like to go this considerably towards the artists. Even having away Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale out the photo, this is a significant offence to all company who attended the demonstrate. They created auditorium open up the possibility for violence. What will an award function advantage by allowing a gang of 30 moreover adult men walk into an awards evening. Though Shatta Wale may well also quite possibly also facial area jail time.

Nevertheless, below is in which the VGMA is wrong for stripping the two artists off their title. 1, an achievement is an accomplishment you can not rewind supplying someone recognition for his earlier and then retract it for what they did later on, only if you have recollected details about their previous inside the interval that title was awarded for.

By accomplishing this you belittle their successor whom you intend to pass it on to in the public’s eye, proving to whom ever collects the award afterwards that irrespective of keeping it, they are even now 2nd to Stonebwoy or Shatta Wale in that respective area. This is not a title deserving of professing for anyone.

Next, it possibly this could make the the successor to the title a rival to one particular of the two, and at this phase, we question any person wishes to be a rival to Stonebwoy or Shatta Wale. Who is aware of what threats or calls for the individual may perhaps get from Stonebwoy or Shatta Wale’s camp to convey the award to them.

Thirdly, the VGMA’s operate the danger of the successor exhibiting some type of loyalty or honour to just one of all those folks and willingly seeking to give the award again to them.

It is sensible for the VGMA’s to only acknowledge that, according to their merits, those people today won the supplying titles fair and sq. and they need to rightfully keep on to it for now, but then just take additional motion on them in impending VGMA events. Even of which may nevertheless be a risk for the ingenuity of who ever wins next yr.


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