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7 union executives of TICO interdicted for 3 months


7 of fourteen executives of the regional chapter of the Industrial Workers and Business Union at the Takoradi Global Firm (TICO)   have been interdicted for three months about alleged unlawful industrial perform amongst other factors on Wednesday, May 29 2019.

“… you have been interdicted with immediate result pending investigations into your involvement in the event which happened on 17th Might to 24th May perhaps, 2019 in regard of the following: illegal industrial motion, breach of collective agreement, breach of standing negotiating committee procedures and unfair labour practice”, an interdicted letter signed by Ernest Kofi Osafo Common Manager of TICO/TAQA read through in portion.

A union member who stated the collection of event  on issue of anonymity mentioned on the 19th of September 2018 at about 13:59hrs, on advising management about a 205 bar hydraulic oil leakage on the Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) 32 bypass cease valve, and the need to shut down and repair service the leaks, management place deaf ear to this suggestions all in the name of achieving large availability and kept the unit working till there was a fire outbreak which engulfed the overall spot of the valve, a circumstance he  said contributed to the new electric power outages.

The staff then settled to get their Handling Director, Ernest Kofi Osafo and the Plant Supervisor Nellissery Krishman reassigned, wore a red armband to get the job done on Friday, May 17th 2019 devoid of disrupting function but that choice did not go down perfectly with Administration that’s why the interdiction of the seven union associates of the corporation.

Yet another allegation by the staff is that mechanical worries pressured operators of one of the thermal plants within just the Aboadze electrical power enclave in the Western Region to cut down on electricity technology.

According to them, the 330-megawatt potential plant has given that November 2018 been generating only 150 megawatts of electricity on an normal owing to what they declare to be managerial indiscretion.

On November 3, 2018, the employees say the STG MSCV also unsuccessful. This rendered the STG Unit unavailable for about three months because spare elements ended up said to be unavailable on web-site.

According to the staff, the specialized group alerted management forward of time, but practically nothing was performed about it.

 “Due to this 311,040mwhrs was shed in the 108 times the STG MSCV unsuccessful. But we could have fixed the difficulty in just six times if the important spare components were available”

An accent gear failure on the GT31 device on December 20, 2018, resulted in a compelled outage for around 4 months, a thing they attributed to a lousy managerial final decision.

“The original maker of the GT31 device, which is Flender, was billed for maintenance is effective. Regrettably, management stored postponing the agenda and this resulted in a failure of the generator bearings of the GT31”.

Deputy Plant Supervisor Joseph Ackon stated the plant is at this time running at 50 for every cent of its potential because of maintenance will work staying carried out.

Meanwhile, when contacted to remark on the make a difference, Mr Osafo mentioned “TAQA has obtained numerous allegations and all have been mentioned,” and said that they take “the problems very seriously and will work with all its stakeholders to investigate”

The investigation, he reported, will be to come across out what has long gone on and be certain a resolution to the matter.

On the interdiction, he stated, stated the 7 executives were interdicted because they “violated regulations of engagement”.

He declined to remark on why he has unsuccessful to recuse himself due to the fact he is a occasion to the subject.

But the personnel, who are not persuaded by the explanations, have threatened to phase a walkout if the 7 union executives are not recalled.

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