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GM fungus ‘kills 99% of malaria mosquitoes’


Worldwide, there are about 219 million circumstances of malaria every yr.


A fungus – genetically enhanced to produce spider toxin – can rapidly destroy substantial quantities of the mosquitoes that distribute malaria, a review implies.

Trials, which took position in Burkina Faso, confirmed mosquito populations collapsed by 99% in 45 times.

The scientists say their aim is not to make the bugs extinct but to support cease the distribute of malaria.

The illness, which is spread when woman mosquitoes drink blood, kills extra than 400,000 persons for each yr.

All over the world, there are about 219 million scenarios of malaria each and every year.

Conducting the analyze, scientists at the University of Maryland in the US – and the IRSS study institute in Burkina Faso – very first identified a fungus known as Metarhizium pingshaense,which naturally infects the Anopheles mosquitoes that spread malaria.

The next phase was to enrich the fungus. “They are quite malleable, you can genetically engineer them incredibly simply,” Prof Raymond St Leger, from the University of Maryland, told BBC Information.

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