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Is the a single pesewa coin however worthwhile in Ghana’s overall economy?


The use of smaller sized coin denominations is progressively becoming extinct as lots of people today are placing practically no worth on the legal tender. 

For now, the one particular pesewa cash have virtually lost their financial value. Aside from the banking sector and a couple of other corporations working with them for their day to working day transactions, the relaxation of the general public are making use of them for decorations and other applications.

Right after Ghana decided to depart the British colonial monetary technique and adopt the extensively accepted decimal method some 54many years back, the cedi and pesewa had been released on the 19th July 1965 to substitute the Ghana lbs, shillings and pence.

At present, coins in circulation, appear in diverse denominations of Gh1.00, .50p, .20p, .10p, .5p and the .1p coin being the minimum.

A check out to the Accra Mall, some consumers who obtained modify from a revenue lady, only dropped the 1 pesewa cash in a box out of the rest of the cash been given. The proceeds have been to be despatched to orphanage properties who get the a person pesewa sum as donations. 

Come across

A stop by to Kwame Nkrumah Interchange region which is also a brisk organization hub within the capital town, the 1st sachet drinking water seller rejected the twenty pieces of the .1pesewa coin but chosen to give the h2o out for cost-free. 

The hawker quizzed “which revenue is this? We don’t use this revenue in Ghana”.

A yoghurt seller encountered was greeted with mixed feelings when he been given a .50p and fifty pieces of .1pesewa cash summing up to Gh1.00. 

He stood and viewed with shock the place the .1p came from. He also rejected the supposed legal tender. 

The next sachet h2o vendor did not spare a minute of her time to accept the cash. She exclaimed, “we never use this variety of money!”

So significantly, there is practically nothing the .1p coin can purchase in Ghana. The rejection is not only with its very small brown nature but also the quantity of twenty pieces to be exchanged for a sachet of water. 

A lover of groundnut would have to element with fifty items of .1p hence the amount element is an additional concern in the era wherever folks want to carry fewer or no dollars to be in a position to transact essential commerce. 
Interestingly, an impression was found on social media of a woman decorated with the authorized tender by a research on Facebook. 

In some topmost inns in Accra, the currency was employed for decoration on a wall serving as a backdrop for photos.
From the response of traders encountered, the problem that begs for an answer is whether or not the 1 pesewa coin still has any benefit in the monetary spectrum in Ghana?

Defacing of a lawful tender

A forex analyst and head of research at Group Nduom, Kofi Ampah in an interview with JoyBusiness reported it is totally unacceptable for any individual to deface a lawful tender of any nation no make a difference how devalued the forex has develop into.

“It’s not allowed for any personal or establishment to deface a country’s currency. You could preserve the dollars as treasure but you can not use it for artefacts or decoration. The proprietors of the currency, in this situation, Financial institution of Ghana have to just take action towards those people defacing the currency” he added.

So considerably, goods that want to be billed with fractions are possibly summed up to the nearest complete. In reaction, Mr Ampah states it makes everyday living unbearable for the regular individual as the minimum pesewa is not approved.


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