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RE: GHL Lender to roll out ‘cedi mortgages’ right before close of 2019


We publish in response to a story on the above subject printed on www.myjoyonline.com on Thursday, and subsequently on other news web-sites.

The story introduced a gross misrepresentation of the facts. We, hence, request that in the fascination of fairness and balanced journalism, you publish this rejoinder the two on the net and possible get ready a package for airing on Joy FM you gave your story.

The tale mentioned that GHL Lender, will by the close of 2019 introduce cedi home loans to enable lots of household seekers finance the acquire or establishment of their residences.

GHL Financial institution has been disbursing home loans in Ghana cedis since 2014 and proceeds to devote intensely in the housing sector.

In addition, GHL Lender is absolutely committed to supporting Ghanaians to fulfill the increasing housing demands. It is consequently unfortunate that your on the net news web site portrayed a contrary placement.

A chunk of the mortgages disbursed past yr had been cedi denominated, to support many Ghanaians to move into their dream residences.

Over and above the providing this assistance to our numerous clients, it is worth noting that we are flexible with the requires of true estate builders and design corporations in the functions of their company.

We are targeted on finding remedies and ways we can boost on what we do for Ghanaians and resident foreigners who desire to personal a household.

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