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Emmanuel Kwame Keyekeh The heart of the Karela midfield


Athletics News of Tuesday, 4 June 2019

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Emmanuel Kwame Keyekeh .jpeg Keyekeh played a important purpose in Karela’s marketing campaign in the NC Distinctive Cup

Karela United FC are recognised to deliver excellent talents and it is no surprise they have occur up with another gem in the particular person of Emmanuel Kwame Keyekeh.

He is using defensive midfield to a new amount and when you view him enjoy, you only see a reproduction of Michael Essien and Yahaya Toure.

Sturdy on the ball, tactically great with his passes. Keyekeh has only began and it is crystal clear he has not even used 50 % of his talent.

The 21-calendar year-outdated was baked by one particular of Ghana’s leading Academies, Unistar. He was the eye of the club, had lots of suitors the two locally and internationally but Karela utilized their potent claws to seize him.

Throughout his 5 years with Unistar Academy, he constantly shone amid his peers and anytime he methods onto the pitch, his good quality built him exceptional.

Keyekeh joined Karela in 2017 and has just one of the most enjoyable stats any young player can desire off.

His stats in the Normalization Committee’s Particular level of competition

Variety of matches: 13 Support: 2 Yellow Card(s) -3 Pink card – Matches won with him -8 Matches drawn with him – 3 (away)

It is no shock big clubs are circling about the promising midfielder and it is a matter of time he will take the planet by storm. Mentor Ibrahim Tanko may well have witnessed the top quality Kayekeh has in abundance and it is a guaranteed guess we will see him engage in for the Black Meteors shortly which is a lengthy-standing dream.

As the declaring goes, the ideal will come from the West and Keyekeh is a testimony to that.

View a small clip of him

As his predecessors did, Emmanuel Kayekeh has only started and do not say I never talked about him, Ghana football I existing to you the new ‘Midfield General’

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