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Google Maps is screening a new security feature for taxi travellers


Google seems to be tests a new safety aspect for Google Maps that will notify you if your automobile or taxi deviates from its route by extra than 500 meters (.3 miles).

The feature was to start with spotted by XDA Builders, and it appears to be exceptional to India for now.

“Off-route alerts” can be uncovered in just the “Stay safer” menu the menu is obtainable right after you have picked your vacation spot but prior to you enter navigation mode.

From the way Google labels the possibility, it’s crystal clear that off-route alerts are meant to be a protection characteristic, performing as a warning indication if a taxi driver isn’t using you specifically to your location for any purpose.

There are lots of legit reasons to not get the precise route presented to you by Google (this sort of as unexpected congestion that the app is unaware of), but providing a passenger an early warning of any variations could still be incredibly beneficial.

The feature will also no doubt be welcomed by everyone who has been ripped off by taxi drivers who choose the long route while the passenger is traveling in an unfamiliar town.

It is unclear how close the protection element is to a total launch or whether it will be globally offered or unique to the Indian current market.

 Just past week, Google launched two India-certain Maps options: one particular offers much better details about general public transportation and the other presents flood warnings in the state. We’ve contacted Google for far more information and will update this piece with its reaction.


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