Home Technology Meet the firefighting robotic that aided help you save Notre Dame

Meet the firefighting robotic that aided help you save Notre Dame


Colossus, the robot firefighter, proven with a fellow smokeater outside the Notre Dame cathedral.

Say “bonjour” to Colossus: the French firefighting robotic that assisted save Notre Dame.

As the 850-year-previous cathedral burned Monday, the Paris Hearth Brigade deployed the fire-resistant, water-proof android to quell the flames.

Remarkable footage shows 2.5-foot tall remote-controlled bot spraying h2o inside of the smoke-stuffed Gothic gem.

The 1,000-as well as pound equipment is outfitted with a fire hose and a digicam that firefighters can control from afar, without having getting to risk burns, smoke inhalation or being hit by slipping beams.

Colossus “helped extinguish the fireplace and reduce the temperature inside the nave,” Paris Fire Brigade spokesperson Gabriel Additionally explained to AFP.

It was produced by the firm Shark Robotics and included to the Paris Fireplace Brigade team two years ago, according to France Data.

“This is a robotic that is made to eliminate people from danger,” said Shark Robotics co-founder Cyril Kabbara . “Not to substitute [humans] but to act as operational help for firefighters.”



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