Home Technology 2 KNUST woman students transform aged playing device into diagnostic gear

2 KNUST woman students transform aged playing device into diagnostic gear


The centrifuge is one of the most essential diagnostic instruments for detecting ailments like malaria and African sleeping illness.

Regrettably, it can’t be used in areas where by electrical power is unavailable or erratic.

Two woman Biomedical Engineering students of Kwame Nkrumah College of Science and Technology, have made less costly hand-run gear.

They attained the feat by changing a whirligig, an age-aged nearby taking part in unit, identified in Akan as Akata.

A centrifuge is a high-pace liquid sampling spinning unit. It tends to make heavier elements to journey in the direction of its bottom tube quicker than below drive of typical gravity.

In the situation of blood, fewer hefty plasma stays afloat though parasites like malaria-triggering plasmodium settle in the middle and blood cells at the base tube.

“In malaria prognosis, centrifuges are extremely vital even though they are pricey. The lowest priced price you can have is about 12,000 cedis and bad communities in the village can’t have it,” mentioned Prince Odame, their supervisor.

The whirligig, domestically identified as ‘Akata’ is created of flattened crown cork. Two holes at the centre provide a keeping area for twine for spinning.

The attribute buzzing seem it tends to make in movement provides it the name, ‘Akatahin’ in Akan.

Remaining-calendar year Biomedical engineering students, Sanaa Mehmood and Rose Adu Darko, together with the supervisor, Prince Odame, sought to make ‘Akata’ a formidable clinical resource.

diagnostic device

It includes electrical junction pipe, a fisherman thread, two cardboard disc straw affixed to the card.

“We utilized the junction pipe which is simple to purchase for quick spinning and then we applied Velcro to stick the two discs alongside one another right before we spin,” Sanaa describes the course of action.

A capillary tube is utilized to draw blood samples and mounted within the straw.

Sanaa Mehmood and Rose Adu Darko,

Sanaa Mehmood and Rose Adu Darko

The hand-powered centrifuge operates by holding the spanned electrical junction pipes. 

As the operator moves the handle again and forth, it creates a power referred to as torque which brings about the disc to rotate.

The rotating tubes that contains blood samples are effectively separated for screening in a issue of 2 minutes.

“We hope hospitals in urban communities exactly where there are dumsor and rural areas can reward from this as they really don’t need to have a specialist to function it. It is a straightforward machine. The good factor is, the cost is about 10 cedis,” Sanaa mentioned.


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