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Bible is not versus Cannabis, stop preaching versus it – Rev. Abbeam


Reverend minister has known as out preachers of the gospel who communicate from the use of marijuana also recognized as Hashish. 

Rev. Dr Abbeam Ampomah Danso said that just about every plant designed by God is blessed to treatment sicknesses. 

In an job interview with Franky 5 on ‘This Is Gospel’ on Hitz FM, the pastor who is also businessman challenged pastors to point out the scripture in the Bible that speaks in opposition to Cannabis. 

‘Go into the scriptures and tell me wherever it is prepared that there is hashish and it is a plant for the devil…’, he quizzed. 

‘There is nothing at all like that. We all can demonstrate and we are all sure that the Bible claims that, the vegetation are blessed for us to use to remedy sicknesses’, he continued. 

His opinions adhere to information that The Church of England’s $10.5 Billion Fund will be invested in Cannabis.

Forbes reported that the Church of England, the mother of the worldwide Anglican Communion, led by Queen Elizabeth II, will be switching its expense fund’s regulations to make it possible for for investments in medical cannabis, which is now authorized in the U.K. less than selected situation. 

The founder and chief of God’s Answer Center believes that the entrenched place of the Church in Ghana against the usage of Marijuana might be due to ignorance. 

‘Maybe there was some of type of ignorance…we still have leaders who are someway ignorant of the truth….’, the pastor reported. 

He also cautioned pastors with no healthcare training to desist from commenting on marijuana-linked concerns. 

Rev. Dr Abbeam Ampomah Danso revealed that he will make investments in Cannabis need to the usage of the herb be decriminalized in Ghana. 


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