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GPHA management driving serialised protests versus MPS offer?


Meridian Port Solutions (MPS) has been fighting off statements that the undertaking will direct to job losses.

The cacophony bordering the graduation of functions by Meridian Port Solutions (MPS) at the recently constructed Terminal 3 Port with its seemingly orchestrated protests by some aggrieved staff of the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GHPA), could all position to a single path. 

The New Crusading Manual newspaper stories that some leading management Users of the Authority have been fingered to be the architect at the rear of the brouhaha encompassing the protests from the claimed offer.

A leaked audio which has been intercepted by this paper reveals how some major management users were being read briefing some selected journalists on some areas of the agreement which they imagine is in negative style and would not be in the interest of the state and then ushering them into a contract to serialize the articles of the arrangement to incur the wrath of the employees against government.

The agenda as disclosed in the audio is to also provoke the assistance of other unionized groupings like the Maritime Dock Staff Union, the Trade Union Congress and some users of the Ghana Freight Forwarders Affiliation.

For instance, this team, with each other with some others, the paper learnt, would be staging a demonstration on Wednesday, June 26, 2019, to get started their agenda.

In the claimed audio, a major administration member is read partaking the journalists and plotting with them on how they could aid serialize the many documentation binding the MPS deal to ostensibly incite the general public to protest vehemently in opposition to their however-to-start functions at the Terminal 3 Port, a facility which was developed by MPS.

He is also heard hatching a plot with the journalists to incite workers of GPHA together with some trade unions both equally in Tema and Takoradi towards the governing administration about the MPS offer.

Again, on the stated audio recording, the top rated administration member is listened to leaking some crucial documents to the explained journalists to execute a particular agenda to put the impression of govt in terrible stead.

He is more heard leaking some unique specifics of some conversations he had with the president some number of months back about the MPS deal to the selected journalists.

On top of that, he is heard divulging crucial facts pertaining to his Board Chairman emerging out of board conferences to the journalists.

On the same audio recording, the leading administration member is yet again read briefing the journalists about some aspects of the contract that he thinks will not be in the most effective interest of the point out and for that reason soliciting their aid to blow up individuals features in the agreement to set force on the govt to right away simply call for its termination or overview in spite of the President’s assurance to him that he has set a staff of lawyers together who are studying the offer to skillfully transient him in get to inevitably choose a closing determination.

“If you place all the earnings alongside one another, it is heading to be about $74million for every annum that GPHA is likely to lose from 2020. From 2019, the deal will just be half in its implementation so the earnings loss will be 50 %. If you just take this $74million which we are earning today, which we are going to shed entirely from 2020, it is only all-natural to say that if I’m now going to reduce so a lot value, then I’ll slice my price.

“You have to cut your value to be able to adjust to that loss. And to slice the value, you need to slice all your operating price tag and then currently being a public entity as we are, labour charge is the best of our functions close to 35-40%. So, if you contact all other revenues – value centers and leave the labour charge, you will not get the outcome. So, it is in the process of seeking to slice labour to be in a position to fill the gap of the US$74million in addition to the 485 who are right to be influenced and at minimum 1,300 will have to join. And this 1,300 will have an impact on Tema and Takoradi. Why due to the fact Takoradi typically exports manganese and bauxite and it doesn’t entice significantly cash,” the leading management member is read on the audio briefing the journalists. 

According to him, when he joined GHPA in 2018, he took time to look at the information of the arrangement and recognized that there have been some areas of it which will not be in the greatest fascination of the point out.

Therefore, he collectively with just one of the Ministers, sought audience with the President to brief him about the agreement with the intention of convincing him to abrogate it in buy to preserve the nation from the quagmire it has set itself into.

In accordance to him, he didn’t listen to anything from the Presidency yet again right until the President visited the Tema Port to get first-hand information and facts about happenings about there.

The President, right after inspecting the port, later on visited administration of GHPA for further briefings about the MPS deal.

He said when he elevated the difficulty once more, the President assured him that the attorneys are critically analyzing the agreement pursuing which he will choose a conclusion because the contract by itself is an worldwide one, for this reason, any hasty choice to terminate or evaluation it will have some diplomatic effects, the leading administration member famous in the said tape.

This has still left inside of watchers to ponder why the claimed GHPA best administration member was in an indecent haste to incite the general public in opposition to the President.

The leading administration member even further exposed that, in an attempt to convince the President to abrogate the agreement, he explained to him that Ghana will not be the initial nation to have abrogated the international agreement and that there are now two situations of priority involving Djibouti and Guinea to information him and also staying conscious of his standing.

But in his have narrative in the leaked audio, people two contracts (the Djibouti and Guinea bargains) were being executed three many years ahead of they ended up abrogated, generating the inside watchers to even more inquire why he (leading management member) is rushing the President when he is aware that it could have some diplomatic outcomes.  

The leading administration member in his investigation concluded that GPHA will drop a revenue of about US$74million for every annum when its seemingly full operations are taken more than by MPS, a problem he extra, will affect about 1,784 workforce from each Tema and Takoradi Ports.

But his analogy is viewed by those people common with the contract and identical kinds in other jurisdictions as an attempt to incite the employees to go on rampage and desire for the abrogation of the MPS offer which calls for tactful minds to make a choice that will inure to the benefit of the place.

The audio also unveiled that the leading management member divulged all the particulars of the discussion he with each other with the Minister, experienced with the President to the journalists and appealed to them to aid him do well with the process at hand.

Even while govt accepts the actuality that some elements of the agreement involve some sort of review, this paper is educated that the refined manner with which the settlement had been crafted will call for some kind of qualified suggestions else the outcomes of abrogating the deal will be dire.

To this conclusion, the federal government has contracted renowned attorneys both of those community and global, to analyze the settlement with the look at to get the greatest decision for the country.

Government also notes that about 45% of containers are scattered, earning it challenging to monitor and accumulate the necessary revenues, a supply acquainted with the deal has hinted this paper.

On the other hand, with the advent of the functions of the Terminal 3 Port with state-of-the-art services, there will be additional space to preserve the containers and carry to an conclude earnings leakages at the port. 

This has as a result incurred the wrath of some freight forwarders who are bent on stampeding the commencement of the Terminal 3 Port functions.

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