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Around Gh¢600m oil funds unaccounted in 2017, 2018


The Public Interest and Accountability Committee’s 2018 report position to budget non-compliance on the part of the Ministry of Finance.

Chairman of PIAC, Dr Steve Manteaw, encourages the ministry to choose measures to halt what is turning into an emerging craze of unspent Once-a-year Spending budget Funding Quantity (ABFA).

In two a long time, budgeted but unspent and unaccounted for oil income amounted to Gh¢652,292,311.00.

“When you budget and you don’t spend, it speaks of a specific lack of funds compliance simply because in reporting to PIAC, whenever there are unspent revenue, the authorities have to give an clarification.

“The citizen calls for to know why the monies that have been allocated ended up not utilised due to the fact these have been revenues that ended up understood and allocated. The public requires to know why the ministry in spite of the availability of the cash, did not use the dollars,” reported Dr Manteaw.

Steve Manteaw

He reported general public understanding of the causes for unspent money will make for better transparency and assures accountability.

Unspent funds split-down

Ghana’s Petroleum Profits Management Act mandates the point out to disburse resources from the Petroleum Holding Fund.

It is meant to help the nationwide funds in the variety of the Annual Funds Funding Volume (ABFA).

When dollars allocated to the fund is unspent, it must be returned to the Petroleum Holding Fund for accountability needs.

Even so, in 2017, PIAC report uncovered 403 million Ghana cedis unspent cash was unaccounted for.

In the yr below review, the authorities programmed GH¢1.55 billion as ABFA expenditure for 2018 and indicated that it provided the GH¢403 million (now GH¢440 million as a end result of exchange rate gains), being the remarkable equilibrium from 2017.

PIAC’s analysis reveals that the GH¢1.55 billion was just 70 per cent of the net petroleum revenues, in line with the provisions of Act 815, for this reason, could not have included the GH¢440 million.           

The Ministry in fact, confirmed this in a conference with PIAC held on April 18, 2019, where by it explained that due to the fact the 2018 finances was presented in September 2017, and the GH¢440 million experienced been authorized by Parliament for expending in that  yr (2017), it could not have been included in the 2018 funds for Parliamentary approval.

Nevertheless, in detailing out the programmed expenditure in regard of the GH¢1.55 billion, the Ministry provided the GH¢440 million equilibrium from 2017.

Oil and gas2

The Ministry’s initial illustration of the details was deceptive and tried to create the perception that the GH¢440 million unspent quantity from 2017 had duly been accounted for.

Subsequently, the Ministry has agreed the GH¢440 million remains exceptional from 2017 to be introduced ahead into the 2019 spending budget for Parliamentary acceptance ahead of it is expended.

Even with recurring questioning by the committee, there is even now no closure to the difficulty.

The 2018 report also reveals a different unspent GH¢252 million which when added to the unspent harmony of 2017, provides the overall unspent ABFA to GH¢652,292,311.00.

Implications of the craze of unspent budget

Chairman of PIAC, Dr Steve Manteaw, claims the emerging development is unacceptable while governing administration officers reveal the income is in a one treasury account.

He says the recurrent progress speaks of the continued absence of budget compliance whiles government go round borrowing money for point out initiatives like the mortgage to build the Terminal 3 of the Kotoka Global Airport.

In the meantime, complete petroleum receipts paid into the Petroleum Keeping Fund in 2018 was $977,093,285.00.

So If the Kotoka Intercontinental Airport’s Terminal 3 cost $350 million bucks to construct, then the 2018 revenue could have built practically three of its variety.

“If you have these kinds of revenue sitting in a certain account and you retain heading all-around borrowing revenue I don’t imagine it speaks perfectly of how we are handling the community economical resources of the country”, Dr Manteaw explained.

If funds is allotted to the finance ministry for paying and they deposit the unspent total in a distinctive account with out alerting PIAC, then it would make it difficult for PIAC to satisfy its mandate of reporting how oil revenue is invested to the citizens.

The regulation that recognized PIAC does not supply it with the mandate to go into other accounts like the treasury solitary account. It only has the mandate to go into the Petroleum Holding Fund.

“So if the intent of the Petroleum Income Management Act is to make sure full accountability, then PIAC would want that any unspent income must return to the Petroleum Holding Fund for re-budgeting so that PIAC can keep track of and report to the people of Ghana.”

Deficiency of supervision and disregard for financial rules

The General public Financial Management Act requires that when monies are allotted for assignments and entities of point out who put into practice these jobs by near of the 12 months have to report to the ministry with expenditure returns.

But in accordance to Dr Manteaw, lots of of these organizations do not submit their expenditure returns as compelled, but the finance ministry continues to allocate monies to these implementing businesses.

“It has to do with partly the absence of enforcement of our laws…these create this problem of impunity that we come across on the aspect of implementing businesses the place monies spent are possibly not accounted for”.

“The other explanation is deficiency of appropriate supervisory arrangement, generally for the reason that assignments are usually contracted from Accra without having fore-information of the beneficiary entities, and these create possibilities for shoddy works or some occasions the no implementation of”.

Parliament is, hence, staying inspired to get actions to ensure the Finance Minister complies with the price range, as authorised to curtail the incidence in subsequent budgets.

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