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Prof. H. Kwasi Prempeh shares check out on government’s partial lockdown


The raft of new actions introduced past night by the President definitely represents a ratcheting up of limits on the right to liberty of motion, relocating us nearer to the ‘stay at home’ close of the lockdown spectrum in designated components of Larger Accra and Increased Kumasi, however they slide brief of a ‘total lockdown’ even in the relevant parts. Completely, a superior shift, like the actions created to give aid to taxpayers, companies and other qualified populations.

Right here is what I read and comprehended (or unsuccessful to realize) the President’s speech to say or mean:

  • No curfew introduced in the influenced spots.
  • Outdoors-the-home site visitors in the affected areas is to be minimal to errands to get household necessities (meals, drinks (which features booze), water, toiletries, petrol, gasoline, electric power, medicines), income from the bank or ATM, or to use the local community rest room (free-vary provided?). Presumably, then, marketplaces and stores, such as filling station shops and neighbourhood retailers, promoting these objects may well stay open up to provide the community. What about chop bars and restaurants, which, of class, prepare and sell foods to the community? Are they to continue to be open far too? Not distinct, but appears like a of course. If so, then buyers could go there to consume also, anaa? Or are they minimal to deliveries and consider-absent? Not clear.
  • Appears to be like all other companies and offices, except individuals engaged in the output or distribution of the named residence essentials and some others expressly named, are to shut down. Given that courts are to keep on being open up, presumably lawyers and their customers may go to court docket far too. How to convey to whilst in transit.
  • Taxis, trotros and trotro stations could carry on to function, but taxis and trotros are “advised” or urged to carry fewer than comprehensive ability to permit for social distancing. Not positive how lots of they are allowed to have or irrespective of whether this is meant to be enforced as a command. Does not surface so. Motorbikes, on the other hand, may perhaps not have any travellers. Crystal clear sufficient.
  • “No intercity movement of automobiles or aircraft for personal or business reasons FOR THE Places OF THE RESTRICTIVE Actions.” This obviously doesn’t floor all domestic (passenger) flights. But which types are grounded? Does this floor all domestic flights concerning, say, Takoradi and Accra or Tamale and Accra? Does not look so. Similar query with regard to inter-city vehicular transportation.
  • Other than transportation in between Accra/Tema and Kumasi (are points together the path, like Nkawkaw, provided?), it is not crystal clear if vehicular entry into or exit from the city limitations of Accra/Tema and Kumasi are barred. Can STCs and VIPs and other extended-length passenger buses enter or go away Accra/Tema and Kumasi to and from cities and towns outside the house these areas? Not at all very clear.

Of training course, all of this may possibly be correctly very clear to the Police and other safety staff who will be imposing these actions on the floor. As far as they are concerned, the enforceable get likely appears easy: “Stay At Home”.

But as long as there is unclarity or confusion in the minds of a big quantity in the influenced population, there’s going to be plenty of needless disagreement and conflict in implementation, which, of class, will undermine the effectiveness of the measures and build space for abuses.

In any scenario, for the sake of procedural (legal) regularity and to lower divergent or conflicting interpretations by the safety businesses (enforcers) and the typical general public (compliers), I presume and hope the information and details of the measures which had been outlined in summary sort in the President’s speech, with each other with the previously introduced steps, have been or immediately will be far more fully and plainly spelt out and contained (ideally with accompanying maps) in a published Executive Instrument (EI), pursuant to the Imposition of Limitations Act (2020) (Act 1012) an EI getting the only legally sufficient way by which Act 1012 is to be activated and put into force as regulation.  

Ignorance of the regulation is no excuse, but only if what is supposed as law has been thoroughly released to give you see and the textual content is distinct enough to empower fair comprehension and compliance or obedience.

In the meantime, “as significantly as probable, Keep AT Home.”


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