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What I understood (or unsuccessful to fully grasp) about president’s ‘restrictions’ speech


The raft of new measures announced past evening by the President clearly signifies a ratcheting up of limitations on the ideal to independence of motion, relocating us nearer to the ‘stay at home’ conclusion of the lockdown spectrum in designated components of Larger Accra and Higher Kumasi, however they drop brief of a ‘total lockdown’ even in the applicable regions. Entirely, a very good go, like the actions designed to give aid to taxpayers, businesses and other specific populations.

Here is what I heard and recognized (or unsuccessful to realize) the President’s speech to say or suggest:

  • No curfew declared in the impacted parts.
  • Exterior-the-household targeted traffic in the impacted parts is to be minimal to errands to get home essentials (meals, drinks (which consists of booze), drinking water, toiletries, petrol, gas, energy, medicines), hard cash from the financial institution or ATM, or to use the local community rest room (free-array involved?). Presumably, then, markets and outlets, which includes filling station outlets and neighbourhood stores, providing these objects may possibly keep open to serve the public. What about chop bars and dining places, which, of course, get ready and provide meals to the public? Are they to keep open way too? Not apparent, but appears like a indeed. If so, then shoppers may possibly go there to eat far too, anaa? Or are they minimal to deliveries and choose-away? Not apparent.
  • Appears to be like like all other corporations and places of work, except people engaged in the manufacturing or distribution of the named residence essentials and some others expressly named, are to shut down. Since courts are to remain open, presumably lawyers and their shoppers could go to courtroom too. How to tell when in transit.
  • Taxis, trotros and trotro stations may well continue to operate, but taxis and trotros are “advised” or urged to carry a lot less than whole capability to enable for social distancing. Not positive how numerous they are authorized to carry or whether this is meant to be enforced as a command. Does not appear so. Motorbikes, on the other hand, might not carry any passengers. Clear enough.
  • “No intercity movement of vehicles or aircraft for non-public or industrial functions FOR THE Locations OF THE RESTRICTIVE Actions.” This certainly doesn’t ground all domestic (passenger) flights. But which ones are grounded? Does this ground all domestic flights amongst, say, Takoradi and Accra or Tamale and Accra? Doesn’t appear so. Exact same question with regard to inter-metropolis vehicular transportation.
  • Other than transportation concerning Accra/Tema and Kumasi (are points along the path, like Nkawkaw, bundled?), it is not clear if vehicular entry into or exit from the metropolis restrictions of Accra/Tema and Kumasi are barred. Can STCs and VIPs and other prolonged-distance passenger buses enter or leave Accra/Tema and Kumasi to and from cities and metropolitan areas outdoors these places? Not at all apparent.

Of study course, all of this may well be properly clear to the Law enforcement and other stability personnel who will be enforcing these actions on the floor. As much as they are involved, the enforceable purchase likely appears easy: “Stay At Home”.

But as lengthy as there is unclarity or confusion in the minds of a big amount in the affected population, there is likely to be loads of needless disagreement and conflict in implementation, which, of course, will undermine the performance of the steps and develop room for abuses.

In any scenario, for the sake of procedural (legal) regularity and to lower divergent or conflicting interpretations by the security companies (enforcers) and the normal general public (compliers), I presume and hope the information and specifics of the actions which were outlined in summary kind in the President’s speech, alongside one another with the formerly introduced measures, have been or instantly will be far more completely and clearly spelt out and contained (preferably with accompanying maps) in a released Govt Instrument (EI), pursuant to the Imposition of Constraints Act (2020) (Act 1012) an EI currently being the only legally enough way by which Act 1012 is to be induced and set into force as legislation.  

Ignorance of the legislation is no excuse, but only if what is intended as legislation has been effectively published to give you observe and the text is distinct more than enough to enable acceptable comprehension and compliance or obedience.

In the meantime, “as a great deal as attainable, Stay AT Home.”

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