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Coronavirus: Is God punishing humanity for our iniquities?


It is bad information to listen to everything coronavirus from the past a person month. The pressure and pressure on nations, governments, institutions, well being amenities and religious bodies as very well as typical life’s scenario is horribly finding off hand.

The pandemic is occurring as however there is a massive wave of sand dust blown from the dry shorelines of uninhabited resorts.

Any hope?

Except for couple recoveries from the infections that seem to be to give small hope to mankind to breathe a sigh of relief, all the things jams up to annul the small hope when new deaths and infections are announced.

This brief and tricky-hitting produce up on “disobedient” nations around the world will give just about every reader some compact pulsate of the improper bearings of the human race on a single side, and God the at any time instructive instructor, creator of the universe and all factors therein hanging His whip.


I make a beep strapping search and analyse the toll of the coronavirus (Covid 19) pandemic on mankind and nations and conclude that Covid 19 as scientists have come to identify it, is not an regular residing organism observed by way of the microscope to arrive up with these types of a conclusive name.

Researchers must concede that this pandemic is past science and that only reformation of frame of mind in brain about God and His powers as creator and proprietor of generation in its totality must be the way to go. The conception of this kind of proper to the creator turns into a step to locating a option to the pandemic.

President Akufo-Addo

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo was appropriate when he indulged Ghanaians to rapidly and pray on March 25, 2020, on his 2nd countrywide broadcast to the nation on the Covid 19, for God to have mercy on the human race and grant person the awareness to discover solutions to the pandemic a crystal clear indicator of a religious and obedient nation led by a God-fearing and a God accepting leader.

The dying toll from the Covid 19 sprang in camouflaging tactics, as some international locations began recording deaths, some have around recorded bacterial infections and fatalities and some now have declining status in mortality, even though other countries have fluctuating figures to share to the entire world.

This merciless strain and punishment evidently and without doubt ought to be from God.

WHO Statistics

Figures from the World Wellbeing Organisation’s (WHO) web page as at 1700hrs on March 24, had recorded 407,633 situations, 18,250 fatalities 104,714 recovered situations, 284,669 at the moment contaminated individuals with 272,122 in mild disorders and 12,547 in really serious or significant disorders.

Italy, which would be the target of this post has recorded 69,176 with new cases standing at 5,249 furthermore, with a complete demise at 6,820 and 743 new fatalities, 8,326 full recoveries 54,030 lively cases, 3,393 major or crucial with overall infection situations for every a populace of million standing at 1,144 and complete fatalities in one million inhabitants at 113 conditions within just the identical time.

Why Italy?

Emphasis is on Italy because that is the property of the papacy and to some extent Christendom, the place the Pope instructions far more than fifty percent the world’s Christian population as a result of the Catholic religion, and in which it is generally thought to be the hub of spiritual affirmation.

Just to put it in a blunt straight jacket type, infections and mortalities in the past one particular thirty day period, Italy recorded, mind-boggling, leading figures to shut down of just about every functioning spec of that country’s economic system.

International locations and exact same sex

It is crucial to take note that some of the nations around the world that have high quantities of infections and fatalities and are all those that have shamefully legitimized same sex marriages and conveniently practising it. The Bible in Leviticus 18:22 evidently states “do not lie with a person as just one lies with a lady that is detestable.”

Again, in the same Leviticus 20:13, it states “if a gentleman also lie with mankind as he lieth with a woman, each of them have dedicated an abomination: they shall surely be set to loss of life their blood shall be on them.”

Now, there are about thirty (30) nations around the world in the planet that have manufactured proposals as a result of their legislative bodies and legalized similar sex marriages in the identify of human rights, and not God’s commandments and obedience.

The most surprising of the international locations together with Eire, a Catholic-bulk, which on May perhaps 22, 2015, turned the very first state to legalize very same-sexual intercourse marriage by way of a well-liked referendum. More than 6-in-10 Irish voters (62%) in that referendum voted “yes” to amend the Constitution of Eire to say that “marriage might be contracted in accordance with regulation by two people with out difference as to their sex.” Wherever could the Pope and the Pontiff be at the time these international locations ended up turning their backs to God? Who was meant to guidebook and lead the lost sheep in these countries?    

Italy, and for that matter Rome, is meant to be the seat of Christendom, the place the Papacy commands tens of millions of Christians in the catholic religion. It will desire you to know that just a handful of them go to church to pray and praise God for his goodness, really like and kindness?

Romans (Rome), is in the Bible, and presumably the only point out being part of God’s instructional book of faith. So by intuition, it is a blessed region that God has his arms and adore on.

Nevertheless, Italy is predominantly the most influenced in this lethal coronavirus pandemic just after China, lying manifestly in quantity two on the desk of impacted countries. Why should really this transpire to Rome? This is straightforward to digest.

Again, Italy has a person of the largest and strongest soccer leagues in the entire world the Italian Seria A, and paying millions of bucks to footballers each league year.

It is predicted that as seat of Christendom, the number of persons who go to church on Sundays and other mass assistance days in that state will be additional than the variety that take a look at stadia on each individual match participating in day. Nonetheless, the reverse is the serious predicament of the seat of the Catholic Church and hub of non secular affirmation.

On Sundays in Rome (Romans) when the soccer league opens and in session, each and every church just about turns into empty, while the stadia get packed.

That is in which God set his church from and that could be the easiest explanation why their punishment is enormous, for God has claimed in next chronicles “if my people who are referred to as by my name, shall humble themselves, and seek my facial area, and change from their wicked ways then will I listen to from Heaven and will forgive their sin and will recover their land”. In the same way, God can make a business declaration in Deuteronomy 30:10 that “if thou shall hearken unto the voice of the LORD thy God, to keep His commandments and His statutes, which are penned in this e book of the law, and if thou switch unto the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul.”  

The manipulations of the satan?

The devil has productively manipulated and manoeuvred his way to convert God’s Church region into soccer town, where by soccer will come first right before God and Christianity.

The footballer in Rome (Italy) will get all the superior money, though Christians in other countries endure in wars, starvation, persecution and all the ills of the world.

Punishment from God?

What the entire world must take pleasure in is that Coronavirus is not just a virus, it is God’s punishment to humanity, due to the fact God is not joyful.

It obviously has factors of ear dragging and pulling from the creator. Have you cared to know why children seldom get infected and can recover even without the need of medication? God claims they are innocent. God speaks in Deuteronomy 7:9, “Know hence that the Lord your God is God, the devoted God who retains covenant and steadfast like with these who enjoy Him and keep His commandments, to a thousand generations.”

Perhaps, but for the West including Italy who have neglected God and insisted that He does not exist, for the reason that the planet is moved by technological know-how and science, Africa would not have recorded a single scenario of the Covid 19, as clearly shown in its spread to whole black Africa.

Africans continue to keep God in high esteem as the creator of the universe the two in tradition and in practice, even while there are handful of crooked males of God who exploit their congregation to exhibit off prosperity.


Africa will have to keep on to resist the Western planet on its imposition of the abominable legalisation of very same intercourse and see God as creator and proprietor of the universe.

African leaders must feel out of the box, fortify their partnership with God in no matter what form and lead their citizens to regard and obey God as the top creator.

It is baffling to believe that it is evil to exercise polygene (Polygamy) in Africa and instead take this awful beastly madness of very same sex marriages in the title of human legal rights when God provides improved and unadulterated right for a male to marry and have intercourse with a female for procreation.
Wherever is the moral sense in this backward, legitimization of identical intercourse marriages?    

And now, for the aged in the West and in truth people from the 30 notorious homosexual and lesbian nations around the world who both sat unconcerned or authorized and supported same sex marriages, and pushed for incessant disobedience to God and distrust for His existence, are all those having to pay the selling price in struggling currently and they have to continue to undergo from this punishment, mainly because they have unhappy God.

Not even animals will chase same sexual intercourse for intercourse.

These days human beings have come to be wild beasts to see fellow man and say “I adore you and want to marry you”. Or pay funds to have sexual intercourse with an animal or vice versa and justify this follow on pretext as human rights. The world’s lunacy is turning into unbearable to God and he has decided on to repair it now!
God is a patient God. He gives person the freedom to do everything, but He tells us not anything is excellent for human lifetime.

This punishment of coronavirus, contrary to the forty days forty nights punishment of aged, will not be so, it shall go over and above the forties.

It is envisaged that there shall be longer fast clearance of the aged who stood aloof and or supported similar sexual intercourse marriages to be handed into guidelines.
Likewise, it is envisaged that most lawmakers who accented very same sex marriages will be contaminated with the virus and die, due to the fact it is God’s prepare to renew his bond with obedient sons and daughters of His development and make everything new all over again.

Male has develop into so deviant that, he feels at par with God, for the reason that of know-how.

Know-how and deviance

The earth has develop into know-how inclined to the extent that gentleman sees God as figment. God exists, He is the creator of the universe and mankind. The West and for that matter, humankind can purchase all the marine powers to help in advancing technological know-how, but beware that 1000 decades is a working day in the sight of God and a day can be 1000 many years in His sight.

In next Peter 3:8 God speaks “But beloved be not ignorant of this a person detail, that one particular day is with the LORD as a thousand a long time a thousand yrs one day”. Person is just human in His image, and are not able to abandon Him because of perceived feelings that technologies is all.
The earth, primarily the West and all exact intercourse legalized international locations ought to discover to appreciate that God exist, He is the creator of the universe, all the things on earth occur just before and from him and of His personal will have to we give Him.

This is just a bite of the frost and clearly the gist of more substantial factors to occur if person does not modify techniques from living as creators to dwelling as created, from residing as house owners rather of tenants, from living in isolation as a substitute of serving as assistance, and from hating rather of loving.

For He states in Isaiah 66:2 “for my hand made all these issues, so all these points came into being” declares the LORD “But for this one I will glimpse to him who is humble and contrite of spirit and who trembles at My word”.

Regrettable Africa

Africa, and other God fearing nations around the world are just unfortunate streams of the passing of this punishment. These countries are harmless, and they have to proceed to work out their faith in the worry of God.
Even devoid of innovative health care units, nations in Africa like Ghana are taking care of circumstances with achievement. These countries are harmless, having said that, they are beneficiaries of the wrath from the West and exact same sexual intercourse nations, and that is why they can not go unpunished.

In the old, God punished people, households and nations anytime an personal was disobedient, and so the little spikes of the viral illness will not escape Africans and other seemingly God-fearing nations and states.


God is merciful and forgiving and will forgive people who present remorse and follow His commandments and thus there is hope to reconcile with Him and request His encounter for forgiveness. It is hence incumbent on the very good adult males of God to just take edge of these horrifying occasions to preach salvation, adore and obedience to God and belief in Him to exist and in handle of His development.

For, He has admonished gentleman to be steadfast in 2nd Chronicles 7:14 “if my persons, which are referred to as by my identify, shall humble themselves and pray and seek out my face, and change from their wicked strategies then will I listen to from heaven and forgive their sin, and will recover their land.
Evidently, there is hope for humanity to belief and obey and be freed from this punishment.

It is incumbent on all countries that have accented to and legalised exact same sex marriages to repent and reverse these legal guidelines and strictly punish culprits for such beastly and animalistic observe in buy to gain God’s favour, in any other case, whatsoever antidotes that may possibly be made to command the Covid 19 sickness may perhaps worsen the plight of the globe.

Any attempt to produce any vaccines ought to strictly occur with trying to get God’s favour by way of a repentant plea because man’s only hope is God’s unfretted nature to forgive and reconcile, in particular individuals who have long gone wayward and disobeyed Him as in Deuteronomy 30:10.

Might God have mercy on humanity and those nations that sincerely honour and worship Him.

May perhaps He touch and modify the hearts of those nations that have ignored him and are dwelling not too different from animals.

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