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Aflao traditionalists carry out sacrifices against importation of coronavirus


A group of traditionalists in the Ketu North Municipality of the Volta Region has executed some rites and sacrifices to find the intervention of their gods to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Libations have been poured at a few formal entry details – Beat 9, Segbe and principal border posts – in Aflao to seal the southeastern Ghana-Togo borders.

This is to stop importation of the virus into the region.

A spotless black goat and chicken ended up slaughtered at the feet of the Aflao Dulegba [community gods] amidst libations and incantations to finalise the rites.

The rites were being also to appease the gods who the
traditionalists claimed had plagued the world with the coronavirus due to the
a lot of sins fully commited by humanity in opposition to “Mother Earth.”

Osofo Torga Amuzu Boso, who led the rites, prayed the gods
to forgive humanity for committing such atrocities and halt the unfold the
virus in Ghana, to help save the masses from struggling the pandemic.

“The gods directed that we complete the sacrifices to cleanse the land of the sins fully commited by some people today and also seal the borders in opposition to the virus.

“We pleaded with Mawu Tsikata and our ancestors to heal any
contaminated indigene who could be dwelling in the diaspora or have travelled into
Ghana”, the spiritual chief mentioned.

He also lamented how the closure of the border experienced influenced
the livelihoods of the the greater part of citizens in Aflao.

Torgbui Dzakpata who obtained the directive from the gods
indicated the neglect of the traditionalists by successive governments partly
accounts for the distribute of the virus in Ghana.

He, hence, appealed to the authorities to exercise equity in dealing with the many spiritual teams on concerns of national desire.

The Countrywide Democratic Congress (NDC) Parliamentary Aspirant for Ketu South, Dzifa Gomashie, supported the rites with two bottles of schnapps.

She reiterated the have to have to continue on to abide by the Planet
Wellbeing Group protecting measures towards the coronavirus, consequently recurrent
washing of fingers, preserve social distancing, steer clear of touching eyes, nose and
mouth and the apply of respiratory cleanliness.

The Municipal Chief Government, Elliot Agbenorwu lauded the gesture
by the traditionalists and urged all religious teams in the municipality “to
keep on praying to overcome the virus.”

He extra that, when the prayers are claimed for non secular intersections, stringent steps have been set in place to assure entire adherence of the border closure directive.

“The assembly is performing hand in hand with the border protection agencies to seal each unapproved route to avoid the motion of individuals to and from Ghana”, Mr Agbenorwu pressured.

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