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Information from the Morning Guy: The reason


On my way again to Ghana some time past calendar year, I was at the airport, queuing to check in my luggage. Now, I was quite early, so there was only a person particular person forward of me in the queue. He experienced tickets for an previously flight with the similar airline, but when he walked up to the desk, he was informed the verify-in time for his flight experienced passed. He was too late.

The inadequate guy could not cover his disappointment. Muttering
some selection expletives in what I can not fairly describe as a whisper, he pulled
out his wallet to spend for a fresh new ticket on the future flight. The attendant –
who I’m certain was trying to make her distraught customer really feel a little bit better about
his sudden out-of-pocket expenditure – explained in a cheerful voice, “don’t fret, sir.
Potentially you were not intended to be on that flight. Anything transpires for a
explanation, you know”.

This made the person pause for a 2nd. He seemed up from his
wallet, stared intently at the attendant for what seemed like an eternity, and
then he said in a serene, crystal clear voice, “You know what? You are completely wrong. If
all the things comes about for a reason, then I’m the rationale. I realized there’d be
site visitors. I should really have set off sooner”. This is not future. It is my fault

Now that was not quite what I expected him to say. So quite a few
men and women use that expression “everything takes place for a reason”, that we have all
type of acknowledged it to be 1 of individuals “wise truisms”, have not we? When items
go incorrect, it is the just one factor we say to every single other in a bid to clarify what seems
inexplicable. Your kid doesn’t get admission into their chosen school,
“everything occurs for a reason”. You get fired, “everything comes about for a
reason”. You lose a worthwhile deal, “everything happens for a reason”. Your
partner leaves you, “everything transpires for a reason”. A patient dies, “oh God
is aware of greatest. Anything transpires for a reason”. I don’t know about you, but I
have never ever heard any person dispute this oh-so-intelligent-and-profound assertion before…
until eventually that day at the airport.

Standing there observing that agitated traveller virtually
practically kicking himself, whilst swiping his card to fork out for a new ticket, I
located myself tough this time-honoured perception for the 1st time in my
daily life.

Is it true that almost everything transpires for a motive?

Effectively, let us think about it: The statement alone naa, what
does it suggest? “Everything Takes place for a Reason”. Very well, clearly, it indicates
that there is an unseen hand (most folks of faith will connect with it the hand of
God), guiding our actions and placing us in a variety of conditions – possibly good or
bad – as section of some form of grasp program. Appropriate?

Ok, but is that definitely the scenario? Do we definitely have no say
about what occurs to us? Is it all pre-ordained? So no make a difference how tough or how
tiny you examine, God has presently resolved irrespective of whether you will pass your exams?
Irrespective of how early you demonstrate up, how difficult you perform, or how normally you go the
added mile, God has already established whether or not or not you will get that
promotion? Has God presently decided whom you will marry, whether your children
will be sensible, no matter whether your enterprise will realize success, which celebration will get the
2020 election? Has God currently made a decision on the trade amount for the next 10
years? I do not know about you, but I’m not certain.

You see, if it is true that every little thing is pre-ordained, then it does not subject how hard you function. What has been pre-determined is what you will get.

It doesn’t subject how great or how sort or how bold or how in shape or how perfectly-dressed, or how knowledgeable you try to be – if your fate is previously pre-determined and your goal is merely to in shape into some grand photo, then what’s the point of producing an effort? Why not just sit back and allow “everything” just take place? Why make choices? Why not just make a decision anything on the flip of a coin?

Heads, I wake up, tails, I stay in bed. Heads, I go to do the job these days or tails, I remain dwelling. Heads, I analyze for this examination, tails, I perform videogames as a substitute. Heads, I go to church, tails, I go out drinking. Heads, I assist this human being in will need, tails I walk on by. Heads, I explain to the truth of the matter, tails, I notify a lie. So in essence, if God needs me to do well, then heads will always appear up.

I’ll be straightforward – I fairly like the plan. It sounds effortless.
Just… go away all the things to God. Fa ma Nyame. Proper? But very seriously, if all God
wanted us to do was flip a coin and depart it to Him, why would He give us all
these tremendous presents, skills and abilities? What is the issue of all the
God-supplied opportunity you have, if it was all meant for nothing?

My pricey good friends, it is accurate that not every little thing all over us
can be explained, but most things can. Difficult employees get promoted. Severe
learners pass examinations. And people who established off for the airport on time do not miss
their flights. You are significantly a lot more in management of your existence than you like to
feel. Even if you believe in some grand grasp system, you can not deny that God
has supplied you the instruments to move your daily life in whichever course you select.

So fairly than toss your fingers in the air and say terrible
issues are occurring to you for a rationale, take into account the radical possibility that
you may be accountable. Simply because if you blame destiny or future or God for your
predicament, then you are indicating you will continue to be in that predicament till destiny
or future or God alterations it. And that is fully out of your fingers. But if
you get obligation for your predicament, then the only thing you have to
change in order to transform your predicament is you. And that is certainly
in your control.

This 7 days, let us all choose again a small regulate above our lives. Let’s action in and enjoy a purpose in our possess destiny. Permit your character be the reason why your romance survives. Allow your honesty be the rationale why you get that promotion. Enable your competence be the cause why you earn that deal. Permit your integrity be the rationale why you get elected. Let your choice to continue to be at house no issue what, be the purpose why Covid-19 will never touch anyone in your family. And the next time you are pondering “everything transpires for a reason”, just add this: “I am the reason”.

My name is Kojo Yankson, and God created me in His have impression so
He would not have to do all the operate Himself.

Fantastic Early morning, GHANAFO!


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