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Limit motion but will not call it lockdown


It is pretty clear by now that a great proportion of Ghanaians take pleasure in the relevance of proscribing movement of folks in limiting the more unfold of the COVID-19.

Basically put, this is a significant measure essential to among the other matters decrease horizontal transmission, permit for a a lot more productive get hold of tracing and monitoring of individuals in quarantine/isolation, permit the health assistance and govt to get in advance of the sickness in phrases of preparing and also decrease the strain on restricted resources.

Limiting movement (for want of greater terminology) is for the governing administration to make your mind up how best it wants to implement it.

The Ghana Health-related Affiliation suggests a whole lockdown in an urgent work to emphasize the vital purpose motion of persons plays in the distribute of this virus.

This suggestion is built not out of insensitivity to the socioeconomic plight of the common Ghanaian but somewhat for the reason that the GMA believe in it is the ideal way to preserve treasured life.

Rather of wasting time in defining terminologies or deciding who enjoys the poor and ‘vulnerable’ more or who has finished sociology and who has not, or behaving like Paul Adom Okyere in abusing expert teams, or choosing the group that has carried out a superior socioeconomic effect assessment, it would be additional useful to reveal what to do in proscribing movements.

All ‘non-essential’ services 

need to be shut and staff instructed to stay household as much as achievable.

All ‘essential’ travels should quit as a great deal as feasible.

Only retailers selling important items this kind of as grocery retailers and foodstuff sellers ought to be permitted to operate even though outlets promoting ‘non-essential’ items be closed.

Any movement out of one’s place of abode or work should be for trying to get an ‘essential need’.

I am certain each individual Ghanaian can evaluate his/her existing situation and map out a program to dramatically minimize his/her motion.

An hard work to limit motion now may make certain the virus does not spread to the internal towns and rural places the place containment would be arduous.

It is now for the federal government as leadership with the capacity to collect suitable facts for influence analysis to in the long run choose the extent of limitations and to discover which expert services ought to stay ‘essential’ contemplating the exigencies of the time.

No make a difference what we come to a decision for ourselves as a country, we need to have to all realize that the a lot more limited our movements are, the far better for us in limiting the unfold of the virus. Enable us all consider a breath to swallow this incredibly bitter capsule of ‘restricting movement’.

Permit us all do what we can to quit this virus that has the potential to damage the manpower we have taken lots of many years to develop and develop. I am because we are. We are in this jointly.

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