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SHS graduate invents COVID-19 “Self-checker” chatbot app


A Senior Superior University (SHS) graduate who made an application that allows individuals to purchase medication without having going to the pharmacy, states he has invented a COVID-19 “self-checker” chatbot application.

Mustapha Zaidan and his
group made the technological know-how named ‘Abbey’
which enables people today to speedily establish if they may have the virus.

Mustapha defined that it would minimize the load on well being officers attending to individuals at health care amenities to much better understand the seriousness of signs. 

“It’s essential to
observe, nevertheless, that Abbey is not intended to diagnose any probable problems,
which includes COVID-19 bacterial infections,” he suggests.

There are other features of the app that teach the public on the new coronavirus, its signs and preventive actions.

When the bot
is launched, it will inquire you a series of thoughts to decide regardless of whether your
signs and symptoms involve rapid healthcare attention.

Mustapha mentioned they are working about the clock to bolster their engineering to boost illness surveillance, early detection and observe the distribute of the outbreaks, particularly COVID-19 amongst others.

In 2019,
Mustapha’s group created a technological know-how, acknowledged as FastRx, which connects people with pharmacies where by they can have
medication sent to them at home.

Hundreds of subscribers, particularly college learners, at Kwame Nkrumah College of Science & Engineering, are currently hooked on to the application.

FastRx is revolutionising how people just take and deal with their prescription drugs by pre-sorting in personalised packets, with drug efficiency, dates, time and dosage.

It also signals up patients with chronic circumstances and connects them to the proper health practitioner for treatment and assistance.

 It took Mustapha and his colleague about a few years to establish FastRx app to simplify the process of organising and getting medication on time.

issue to get men and women to indication up, Zaidan and Naef started dwelling –to- property
promotion and have considering that April, past yr, served 530 patients.

Mustapha’s  FastRx is meaningfully improving the life of purchasers and he has been wanting ahead to extending it to other areas of the state in 2020.

The 12 months, on the other hand, has arrive with its problems, as the emergence of coronavirus ravages the earth.

The team has
to be revolutionary to provide the people today.

developer, Mustapha, suggests, the enthusiasm is to enable people today develop healthful and

The team is
looking forward to partnering with clinical practitioners across Africa to
effect life.

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