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The Busia Peace Prayer: Revival from “Covid-19″


In which has the fragrance of the early morning long gone?
That I awake to the dead mourn
Why I’m I at a morgue mount?
Howling at the useless count?
Is this my enduring superior deed for retains?

I will head to the fortified fountain
Exactly where hope at the font dwell
And all is effectively
Exactly where the sacred quest
is to conform to the texted
to help you save the living
I shall Seek out new proofs
about Soul-successful

When I get there at the position where the divine roar
From the refuge tower
This critical hour
Is higher than human whining
I shall pray in solace
For deep to communicate to deep with velocity
in the lineage lining

At midday
I are not able to moan or roam
I shall discover a stately place
To dwell in expectation of the
Calming moon
Which in the sky looms
Without the need of shadowy dooms

Dare I rant about an infection charges?
Am I justified by the viral raid?
Oh lord come to me with your blood aid
For I yearn
on you to lean
As I lessons find out

Sin waiver
Divine weaver
Wave absent the raider
And Give me a breather

In the evening I shall get in touch with on heaven
I shall stay away from leaving
To be led in the realms
Of biblical looking at
For I am with grief seething
In this evil time

I am in mourning
In my household jail
In pursuit of fleeting daily life
I am self -imprisoned
Thanks to worldly misprision
I’m in misery

Shackled in my shelter

As riotous coronavirus has complete environment governance operating helter-skelter
In need to have of divine kelter
Contacting for a non secular booster
Like a spineless rooster
The place is their Gilead balm that salvages
As Covid-19 ravages
with savagery

Yesu Kristo Harkin to restore
The world in deep despair
Adrift In a disaster oasis
Without the need of salvation Oars
Obtaining defied your oaths
To stay with burdened yokes

Is development in a rigid 5G techno limbo?
Has the world get develop into a limping zombie in myriad Crumbling meadows?
And its rulership off guard like a clueless bimbo?
Are Planet Powers seeking like a scoop of perplexed jello?

Christ Jesus Get there in your shimmery gentle
To the sodden blight
Oh God you are my only delight
I can see your light so vivid
In the evening I shall be alright
Nevertheless I have no may
I shall not take flight
Or be in fright

I deposit Etchings of religion
Despising deadly wreaths of fate
I appear to your Fetching gait
With out Clenching dislike
I am invited to your cleaning gate
Shall Heaven be made to wait?

Solution o Lord my desperate plea
There is excellent need at your feet
You have healing in your redeeming fleet
To rebirth the morning’s impressive aptitude
So that I can at noon bathe in the sun’s adoring glare
Ruminate in the evening’s interesting whispering breeze
And invigorate evening thrills
Now so unusual with pleasing ease.

ABBA Father aid me to your term Preach
And the planet Arrive at
Revisit Eden to fix the Breach
And with favour, Grace Release
As you with adore appease
Allow there in all the earth
Be echoes of your resonating Peace

(And all the saints shall sing Amen )

Copyright March 31, 2020


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