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Details and practise to stem coronavirus pandemic in Ghana


For times I’ve been pondering how come this virus is in a position to infect the masses so rapidly and with impunity main to the world-wide pandemic. I then questioned if certainly the transmission is just through human to human call by itself or there are other strategies that are robust, simpler and more quickly.

As substantially as the former is usually agreed as one particular critical
route of transmission, I rather 
thought of the choice route of transmission as an region public
health and fitness officials should really really centered on. Thus my scientific understanding is
beginning to point out that this viral can be transmitted via aerosol
suspensions but not just human to human contacts on your own or on surfaces by itself
rather the route of transmission by using the atmosphere/open up areas is a lot quicker
than that of human to human contacts.

As I was contemplating on the aerosol/airborne transmissions, I seemed for recent scientific tests to assist my perspective and I identified out from current get the job done by the National Institute of Wellness (NIH) in Hamilton that the virus can keep on being stable in the air for about 3 several hours and on plastic and stainless metal for about three days. My desire and concern right here is on transmission by way of the environment/open up room but the NIH’s perform was accomplished within just a managed area but not in an open space that’s why, my inquiries below are:

1. How lengthy can the virus remain in the environment/open up

2. How much can the virus vacation in the ambiance/open place
from position of release?

3. Does the virus equipped to various just after they are produced
from host cells?

4. What mechanism permits the virus to retain stability?

5. How and why the virus has an affinity to bind to metal
and plastic which include cardboard surfaces which is very likely method of transmission?

I am quite much confident as indicated by NIH’s get the job done that the virus is ready to remain really secure for a extended time in the ambiance/open up place and elements in the atmosphere these kinds of as wind, air, pressures and so forth are contributing carriers/transporters inducing the pretty higher fee of transmissions ensuing in this pandemic.

It is nicely identified that quite a few contaminated clients just don’t know how and the place they acquired contaminated consequently from the above deductions, it is achievable this sort of clients might have inhaled virus atmospheric aerosols at locations considerably absent from where by the virus was initial discharged.

Hugely influenced nations these types of as China and Italy are accomplishing lockdowns, and in my watch, these kinds of actions guidance the point that the virus may perhaps ve been saturated in the environment which may be localised saturation or blowing about from 1 position to the other by natural transporters/carriers this kind of as wind and so on.

This, for that reason, would imply that any particular person or people strolling all-around this sort of parts would be inclined to inhalation of this viral aerosols/particles and does not always suggest a person has to contact contaminated surfaces or be close to contaminated folks on your own instead 1 can easily be infected through standard and all-natural involuntary respiration in the space or atmosphere in which virus is saturated. From the above, I am a lot more than convinced that the quicker level of transmission/bacterial infections is thanks to airborne/atmospheric/open up area saturation of viral load due to the fact quite possibly the virus is ready to vacation to significantly distances via the ambiance blown by air/wind due to the actuality that they can continue being steady and viable for a extensive time.

It have to be added that the virus means to be stable and feasible for a extended time outside the house the host may possibly counsel why it can take up to 14 times or extra just before signs or symptoms are introduced in some individuals and in some contaminated host can remain asymptomatic for extended and in my see one particular of the motives could be that virus continues to be secure in the host for some time and only get started to utilise host cells after security begins to diminished or depleted while outside the host it may die immediately after surviving beyond certain time period as mobile products to retain it feasible and stable would be fatigued. Consequently, it seems virus has a novel mechanism to survive extended both of those outside and within the host.

There are a couple of components I would like to take into consideration on viral novel behaviour but will depart it to my up coming write up and will now concentrate on urgent tips and steps i would like the general public wellbeing officers to emphasis on.


1. It is good to do social distancing but two parts officials have to have to take into account are our cultural and spiritual beliefs. Thus, about 99% individuals in this country have been introduced up to believe that and rely on the supernatural much more than addressing and fixing bodily demands and challenges utilizing the God-presented intellect, for this reason we have tended to be living in a spiritual financial state somewhat than expertise-dependent financial system so my stage is that this kind of beliefs would stop up spreading the infections more than any where else as lots of would overlook the precautional suggest and alternatively decide on trusting and believing that their God will guard them since they have prayed.

Just like in advance of the virus entered Ghana I read a very well-identified bishop stating he has arrested the virus and it can’t come to Ghana, but when it sooner or later arrived in Ghana this exact bishop now saying no weapon that rises towards him shall prosper. This is accurately my point that we refused to use wisdom and know-how to stay on this beautiful spot that God has specified us and fairly drag God into furnishing us all the things like anticipating God to occur and thoroughly clean our soiled natural environment which we knowingly and ignorantly brought on by ourselves.

I, therefore, suggest that govt should let the NCCE and the media to teach the entire masses that indeed they can pray and trust their spirit resources but they will have to strictly abide and adhere to the precautional directives provided.

2. Critically I advocate that there ought to be an urgent “herd prevention” or “mass community prevention” just like what in immunology is named “herd immunity” whereby a variety of people today inside a local community exactly where there is an outbreak are treated or vaccinated as a final result prevents others to be infected or cut down transmission. In the existing scenario, “herd prevention” or “mass community prevention” would be disinfecting the total of Accra/Tema and Kumasi where transmission is presently recognised using drones or helicopters and disinfect from the air like a shower by flying at a very low altitude and release the disinfectants which would absolutely damage any airborne secure and practical viral saturations, as a final result, would obviously reduce the tremendous spread and a lot of would be secured from infectivity.

This can be carried out in the nights with a night time lockdown in the course of
the exercise. It is good some market place spots are been disinfected but the distribute
goes over and above marketplace places the whole program need to be addressed/disinfected.

If making use of a drone or helicopters or even smaller planes are not readily available, fogging equipment could be utilised for this function while item particles could not travel much upwards to area it might assistance greatly. If these kinds of an advice is considered then I would suggest hydrogen peroxide disinfectant be used as it is a lot safer considering that this would be applied in the communities.

This is a suggestion as a result it is up to the responsible authorities to devise the method to undertake this exercise.

3. It would be beneficial for a lockdown just immediately after the disinfecting exercise for the least viral incubation period of time/times and for the duration of this period great quantity of all individuals contaminated with indicators could be regarded and isolated. And this could be carried on if we’ll plan and extra isolation can be recognized if it is well controlled and performed nicely.

4. If suggestion 3 is not probable then suggestion 2
will have to be recurring weekly by spraying from the air or into the air in influenced
towns these as Accra/Tema and Kumasi and this can be prolonged to all regional
capitals and possibly district capitals too. In usually must be finished base on
circumstance by situation.

I am persuaded as we keep disinfecting cities and towns specially from the area/air we really should be equipped to overcome this difficulty as we have to have to uncover solution to resolve and triumph over this mess in our own modern way. As this solution with any luck , and relatively cuts down the incidences, wellness officers would then be able to control and regulate the number and consequently group-acquired an infection might be almost or entirely eliminated.

5. We will have to start off nose masking as evidently this virus seems to transmit speedier via aerosols. So as we do social distancing, we really should also do atmospheric or open area distancing by way of carrying a nose mask.

6. I would suggest that passenger figures must be
decreased per taxi, trotro or buses/coaches and passenger must sit in some
distances apart to lessen direct contacts and spread. The govt can obtain a way
to reimburse the transport proprietors for the misplaced income. This is sacrifice time.

7. How lengthy will have to we often wait around for each and every resolution to our
difficulties to be imported?

This is the time all these Experts in Ghana and other African nations should increase up to the situation to be counted and obtain a solution to this problem. We are unable to just only concentrate on screening, we must also and critically target on treatment method and heal.

As other Researchers in America, China and Europe are busily locked up in finding vaccines, speedier and robust check kits, treatment and so on, what are the Ghanaian and African scientists performing? All I hear some of them expressing on TVs, radios and many others are screening, utilizing sanitizers, etc but not any pragmatic resolution. We have masses of all-natural vegetation of which numerous are anti-inflammatory and antiviral medicines in which some of these medicines are recognised and normally, and all that is expected is serious and committed examine and we could come across a option to this dilemma for the reason that there is no difficulty on this earth devoid of a solution we just ve to be significant in our thinking with a wish to add to the peace and harmony of our existence.

We just cannot go to school to PhD amounts nonetheless contribute practically nothing to our nationwide enhancement and survival aside from just communicate talk talk, attend conferences and do a single or two research and publish a good deal posts with out having any significant impact on modern society. We have turn out to be so pompous with no humility for the reason that we are professors, doctors, masters diploma holders, PhDs, politicians nonetheless lead very little and I imply absolutely nothing to this kind of an overpowering obviously resource endowed country and continent, and we are not even ashamed with our ignorance and cannot see how we have been messing Ghana and our continent and we retain passing our skillful wastefulness to generations. See how this pandemic has exposed us all? And in the mix of this disaster we are sitting down there waiting around for the West to ve sleeplessness to obtain a alternative for us. Why simply cannot we obtain our personal option so we can also give to the west?

I would endorse that the govt promptly variety a scientific team from Noguchi, all the universities to involve molecular biologists, geneticists, virologists, normal microbiologists, pulmonary/respiratory gurus, cardiologists, histopathologists, Cytopathologists, scientific pharmacologists, Centre for plant medication Scientists, immunopathologic, zoonologists (to enable in any zoonotic transfers), meteorologists (will assistance to recognize viral movements in open spaces such as distances viral travels by using wind controls and so on). Now this team will be funded and job to uncover an fast cure for the an infection and in the extended time period a vaccine if achievable. There is no excuse to say the virus is not recognised and it’s new. The virus genome is recognized and it is available that is why it has been named Covid 19. The virus is in Ghana and your PCR is equipped to diagnose it and you have samples of the contaminated clients which you can isolate for even more scientific tests.

In my conclusion, I would say we just can’t just go to snooze and pray that God will arrive and eradicate the issue.

In the 1st area, God produced the virus and he was informed and nevertheless informed of this pandemic and I believe that he is seeing and expecting us to go deep inside us as multicellular and smart beings to discover a option to conquer this unicellular virus. He has presented some people this skill in this article in Africa however these people today are permitting us down.

Finally, aside from the simple fact that this virus may possibly have absent purely natural mutation, as a outcome, has come to be extremely potently hazardous, we must also not eliminate sight that this could be bioterrorism so a laboratory manipulated biological weapon dumped on us or a genuine laboratory viral manipulation that unintentionally acquired reduce and close up in the inhabitants and now affecting us all. We must be open up-minded mainly because the variety and fee of infectivity is particularly questionable when compared to other epidemics and hardly ever pandemics that occurred in the previous.

There ought to be efforts to disinfect Accra/Tema and Kumasi
from the open house. This can be prolonged to the regional capitals and quite possibly
district capitals.

Nose mask will have to be worn from now onwards.

Lockdown for 14 days would support and if this has to be done then we would need to have prior notice for anyone to put together. If a lockdown is unattainable then the disinfection must be done weekly or in each 5 times for about two months.

Thinking about the outcomes from NIH’s get the job done, it would be essential for health care specialists should really demonstrate a eager desire in disinfecting plastics, and steel materials quite typically to prevent the distribute and nosocomial infections as the success clearly show the virus has the affinity to bind of plastic and metal surfaces for longer and as it is identified, our hospitals have a lot of plastic and metal buildings which includes hospital beds.

I would also advise that we glance for sanitizers that comprise moisturisers/pores and skin nourishers such us vitamin E and so on due to the fact there is prospective skin destruction because of to the overuse of the alcoholic beverages for this reason a sanitizer with out moisturisers/pores and skin nourishers will have to be averted or have to be minimally made use of. Or if there is no choice then rub your arms with melted shea butter 5 minutes just after using the sanitizers.

The higher than is just for now and all should really lead to
triumph over this trouble and we have to find out from this to now get major to create
our nation and continent by ourselves furnished we cease the insatiable wish
for power, jealousy, selfishness, abuse of power, spiritual dependency,
backward and unproductive and unprogressive cultural beliefs etc.

Let’s get to serious and significant do the job. Let’s help you save ourselves. Permit long run era appear to know there was a pandemic and the solution that conquered it came from Ghana/Africa.


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