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Yvonne Nelson pens lockdown be aware to Ghanaians


Actress Yvonne Nelson has taken to her Instagram to paint a picture of what it would be like if an individual analyzed optimistic for the coronavirus soon after flouting lockdown guidelines.

The publish, which described the procedure as a lonely just one, was to urge men and women to abide by health directories and remain indoors.

“When liked
ones are eliminated from your house by ambulance due to the fact the VIRUS’ has strike them
tricky, you are not going to be capable to observe them there, sit by their healthcare facility
bed and keep their hand. You are not going to be equipped to pop in at 7.00 pm for
traveling to hrs.”

“They are going to have
no 1 other than exhausted and courageous healthcare facility personnel to see them by days
or months of hardly respiratory by a ventilator right up until they either die or
get well,” Yvonne Nelson wrote.

She stated that due to the fact of the severity of the virus, people can not continually textual content their household neither can they connect with in nurses as it transpires in typical wards.

In accordance to Yvonne Nelson, likely by way of these hard times by itself could be “terrifying” that’s why said the want for folks to stay house and keep harmless.

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