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Burna Boy ‘tweets his last’


Nigerian Afrobeats star Burna Boy has tweeted his “last ever” write-up and is leaving the social media app as he is “apparently also true for it”.

It is not distinct who or what ticked off the musician, but it was a philosophical Burna Boy that announced the decision by means of two tweets on Wednesday.

“Find out what your true contacting is in this planet, coach your thoughts and your overall body,” he posted.

Burna Boy experienced a Issue and Solution session with his admirers on Twitter on Tuesday, but it appears to be some of the inquiries about his sampling of music by iconic Nigerian musician Fela Kuti irked him.

He also received into spats with followers about his perceived “arrogance” and appeared to deride one more musician, Reekado Banking institutions, who joined the session to challenge Burna to a new music fest.

“You know I got way too substantially like for you bro, but did not you see when I said worthy challenger,” he tweeted.

The reaction did not go down well with most folks on the application, and he was slammed for his mindset.

It is not clear if the musician will be deleting the app or will hand around the regulate to his management, who have tweeted on his behalf in the past.


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