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Covidic Times: Spatial distancing not social


We all know what is meant by the most popular phrase in the universe appropriate now, ‘social distancing,’ but the expression is unacceptable to me on at least three stages. I would rather go for the time period ‘spatial distancing’ than ‘social distancing,’ and here’s why.

The world is in wartime manner, combating a pandemic that has not spared any region or territory on the world and so this is not the minute to be squabbling more than words. But for what it’s worthy of permit me get this ‘social’ vs . ‘spatial’ discussion off my chest!

The COVID-19 method to comprise the pandemic domestically and to ‘flatten the curve’ globally has predominantly been hand washing (or sanitizing), masking up (dependent on who you hear to) and ‘social distancing.’ The latter has meant just about anything from being 6 ft away from your neighbour to simply just staying at house.

When the mode of transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus phone calls for such a actual physical distancing from one particular one more in purchase not to deal the ailment or infect some others (if you previously have it) my issue with the phrase ‘social distancing’ is three-fold.


To start with of all, we are social beings. We all know ‘No man is an island,’ a popular quotation from the English metaphysical poet John Donne (1572-1631). Distancing ourselves from just one a further at at any time has hazardous penalties permit alone at such a time as this. My pals on Facebook and I, realizing what was meant by ‘social distancing’ nevertheless unsatisfied with what it connotes, began this discussion a pair of months back and tried out to uncover one more term. We to begin with landed on ‘physical distancing’ which is as clear as day nonetheless does not have the exact same ring to it as ‘social distancing.’ As succinctly set by Nana Efua, “‘social distancing’ appears more hip.” Theo Aryee even went in advance to just take screenshots of dictionary definitions of bodily (“relating to the overall body as opposed to the mind”/”involving bodily get in touch with or activity”) and social (“relating to modern society or its organization”/”needing companionship and hence be suited to residing in communities”) for comparison online.

Some do not intellect the expression ‘social distancing’ it is no big deal to
them. As Esi place it, “I individually do not see the fuss… When in SOCIAL
contexts, (as in, when with other human beings), maintain your distance.
“Same Difference”, and considering the fact that the memo has been circulated presently, we
might as perfectly not muddy the waters.” I was delighted to read in the Los Angeles Situations that those of us fussing on Facial area Ebook were not by yourself. In an post entitled “Isolation is dangerous to your wellness. The phrase ‘social distancing’ doesn’t assist,” the
staff writer refers to a professor at Northeastern College in
Boston, Daniel Aldrich, who suggests, “The moment I heard public wellness
authorities use the time period, I thought they ended up creating a blunder.” I was
happy to read through that his choice, like my pals and I, was
“physical distancing.”

“Aldrich fears the phrase “social distancing” indicates we need to be turning inward and closing ourselves off from pals and neighbors in the outdoors entire world.” I concur. He hits the nail right on the head: “That’s the actual opposite of what we want individuals to do. You need to have as near social ties as doable when bodily distancing is in outcome.” As a professional medical health care provider I know social connections have an effect on quite a few socioeconomic and health indicators and from Aldrich’s possess write-up-catastrophe reports, basically straight have an impact on loss of life premiums.


I find the anti ‘social distancing’ reaction of gurus from a
commonly individualistic Western culture intriguing as
anthropologically, they are more likely to come up with a phrase like
that. For the West, specially considering that the Enlightenment with its “I feel
thus I am” motion, autonomy and individualism are rife. As
someone born and elevated in the global south, where by to be is to be in neighborhood, I would say if ‘social distancing’ sounds poor to a Westerner then it’s anathema to the Vast majority Environment.

For the Global North, commonly, I am due to the fact I think for the relaxation, I am simply because we are. The South African Bantu phrase Ubuntu, to wit “I am because you are,” encapsulates the plan that human beings can not exist in isolation. There is no personhood devoid of the other and we depend on community connection, discussion and caring. For honor-shame cultures, which two-thirds of the environment is, social distancing is synonymous with having a induce for disgrace. If you take into account Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s definition of ubuntu in his 1999 book you will see how it’s the specific reverse of ‘social distancing’: “A man or woman with Ubuntu is open up and accessible to many others, affirming of others, does not really feel threatened that others are equipped and fantastic, based from a right self-assurance that will come from being aware of that he or she belongs in a better complete and is diminished when many others are humiliated or diminished, when other people are tortured or oppressed.”


Lastly as a Christ-follower, and a pastor at that, I constantly try to theologically reflect on the words and phrases, phrases and concepts I use. ‘Social distancing’ (once again while we all know what is intended) would not lower it theologically. The mother nature of the Triune God—one-in-3, three-in-one—of the Christian religion, as argued by Tertullian (c.155-220 A.D.) of Tunisia, is that “from all eternity God is just one, but God is not by itself.” Appropriate from Genesis 1:1, Elohim (the Hebrew term for God) is a plural noun, most explicitly found in Genesis 1:26 in which God claims, “Let us make humanity in our image, according to our likeness.” As one more theologian place it, “at the centre of the universe is a romance.” At the centre of the universe is a community: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Considering that this posting is not an apologetic for the Trinity, suffice it to say that mankind owning been designed in the impression and likeness of the Triune God who is himself relationship, loved ones, community and social, can not be ‘socially distant’ and keep on being human. In the over March 18, 2020 Facebook put up I wished to sound a caution, in particular considering that church buildings ended up at the cusp of becoming compelled to near for bodily meetings, that the very last matter anyone should do at this time is to drop not only the horizontal relationship with just about every other (as described in the first two factors above) but also the vertical partnership with God as very well. God’s family, the ‘household of religion,’ is not referred to as ‘the overall body of Christ’ for nothing at all. There can be no social or spiritual distancing of any of the entire body parts.


So it was with utmost enjoyment on the eve of April Fool’s working day that I
posted the pursuing on my Confront Guide wall (which has experienced a great deal of
graffiti considering the fact that the COVID-19 broke out): “Eureka! I’ve observed it!
“SPACIAL DISTANCING” that is the word that does the career, does not eliminate
the socially and spiritually shut beings we’re meant to be but still
appears as interesting as “social distancing”!” 

I’m on a individual campaign to eliminate ‘social distancing’ and substitute it with ‘spacial distancing.’ Human beings can afford to pay for to be physically distant for a year but die in extra strategies than just one when we come to be socially and spiritually distant, even for a short second. Off to hold up the combat with cleanse fingers versus the Coronavirus spacial distancing it is even though at it. Selah.


This short article was very first published on www.yawperbi.com. The writer is a Ghanaian doctor, World wide CEO of The HuD Team, president of International Student Ministries Canada and a Catalyst for the Lausanne Motion.

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