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Harming consequences of very long and over-application of alcohol-based hand sanitizers


Covid-19 is genuinely a horrible and devastating assault towards humanity and in fact all initiatives have to be utilized to fight and eradicate it from our mist.

Because of to the rapidly transmission amount of Covid-19, the Entire world Overall health Organisation  (WHO) has given preventative measures and advise to the world wide group and the most important of these steps are typical washing of arms with soap under jogging water and normal sanitizing or disinfecting the hands with an alcohol-primarily based sanitizers.

As consequence, general public health officers, govt officers, health care physicians, non-governmental businesses (NGOs) etc all over the planet have fortunately taken up WHO’s preventative actions and suggest and frequently, robustly forcefully and indiscriminately imposing these kinds of measures on to their citizens with no considering the medical effects of some of these actions and advise provided by WHO.

My issue is not about the washing of fingers with soap less than functioning h2o, but alternatively my get worried is the overuse of the 70% alcoholic beverages sanitizers which is been trumpeted by WHO and people health care officers whom I predicted to know far better by taking into consideration the deleterious outcomes of this products when it is utilized on the pores and skin for a extended time, and sadly they did not give any guideline or amelioration to battle any harming effects that may well crop up from the overuse of the sanitizer permit on your own even communicate about the actuality that or warn that the above usage of the alcoholic beverages sanitizer could harm the skin.

Can around usage/overuse of alcoholic beverages-primarily based hand sanitizer destruction the pores and skin?

Yes, the overuse of the alcohol-based hand sanitizer can lead to damage to the skin and potentially to inner techniques too (inside the physique). Therefore, the next can occur:

1. Pores and skin sensitivity

2. Irritate the skin

3. Itching and burning sensations

4. Cracks to pores and skin texture

5. Dryness

6. Hurt to skin integrity

7. Disturbance to skin DNA which may well result in
dermatological outcomes which include probable skin most cancers, hardening of the
skin (pores and skin coagulation), and so on.

8. Destruction of the skin microflora or resident microorganisms that supposed to safeguard our skin, as a outcome, would expose the pores and skin to critical bacterial infections.

9. Achievable outcomes and destruction on pores and skin melanin.

Effects of common liquor inhalation

Alcoholic beverages is a risky material and diffuses swiftly in the presence of air hence, In addition to the above consequences, aside from those people that may be absorbed into the blood by the pores and skin, there is the tendency to inhale a copious total of the alcoholic beverages into the system which may perhaps result in ocular discomfort, stomach discomforts, conjunctivitis, coughs, respiratory pain, oral irritations and so forth. This kind of results can be much more prevalent to these that are alcohol intolerance and those that may perhaps be allergic to the alcohol and these allergic reactions  (hypersensitivities) could be major.

Despite the fact that the overall body can deliver moment quantities of blood alcohol by by itself, from the web page of WHO, they do admit that the alcohol sanitizer can be absorbed into the blood but mentioned the total is insignificant.

But my issue is that this will only be insignificant when the application is not overused but it will definitely be sizeable and risky to the entire body if the sanitizer is overused specifically to small children and those with weak pores and skin textures however, presently, the total earth is abusing and overusing the liquor-dependent sanitizers for every formal recommend by WHO and well being officials around the globe indicating that everyone will have to use alcohol-based hand sanitizers timelessly without any suggestions on how several periods for each working day that should fairly be utilized and also a failure by officers specially WHO to give warnings on the implications of the about programs of their encouraged product.

It must be observed and extra that people today this sort of as some from the Asian communities possessing non-useful aldehyde dehydrogenase  (ALDH) gene may possibly have oxidative rate of metabolism of alcohol-based mostly compounds. Moreover, this “free for all” abuse and overuse of the alcohol sanitizer could have an impact on kids (dermal compatibility problems) significantly due to the fact of lack of entire functional metabolic process (Patrick Boshell, 2018, info@debgroup.com).

The inclination of microbial resistance

It should be pointed out that microorganisms can establish resistance to any antimicrobial compound when it is overused versus their killing (inactivation) and when this kind of resistance happens such microorganisms would now grow to be infectious and pathogenic and tough to eliminate/ruin and one particular of the methods for microorganisms getting resistant due to the overuse of an antimicrobial such as alcohol sanitizer is DNA mutation, and a regular instance at present is the mutation that has taken spot in COVID 19, as a end result, resulting in devastating outcomes against humanity.

While, it should be clarified right here that it is not suggesting or confirming the mutation resulted in COVID 19 was due to the more than use of liquor but microorganisms can mutate below diverse situations like harsh situations, local climate modify, overuse of antibiotics/disinfectants  (antimicrobials) etc.

An additional example of a mutation that led to resistance is the methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) which occurred as a result of the overuse of methicillin antibiotics which for some time now has been leading to significant nosocomial infections  (clinic-acquired bacterial infections) in lots of hospitals close to the world specially in Europe.

It will have to, therefore, be clarified with robust emphasis that the overuse of the alcohol-based mostly hand sanitizers have the inclination to result in resistance to the skin microflora so the fantastic microorganisms that are the natural way living on our skins to shield the skin, as a consequence, render them much more unsafe and pathogenic.

From WHO’s web-site, they mentioned that there is no proof of likely resistance of microorganisms to alcoholic beverages-based hand sanitizers. I problem WHO that the overuse of the alcohol sanitizer could cause resistance and might lead to yet another significant community wellness concern apart from damages to the pores and skin.

A analyze has demonstrated that the more the use of the hand sanitizer routinely, the greater the probability of microbes may well come to be tolerant of the alcoholic beverages. Thus, it was shown that soon after subjecting Enterococcus faecium to 70% alcohol severally, the organism grew to become resistant to the results of the alcoholic beverages as a outcome of mutation of the genes included carbohydrate uptake and metabolic rate (Sacha J. et al  2018, Science Translational Medication, Vol. 10, Issue 452). This review confirms the overuse and above programs of the liquor sanitizers could guide to critical skin microflora resistance and expose the skin to serious microbial attacks and assaults from other sources these types of as the solar, ozone and so on because of to deficiency of all-natural protection to our pores and skin.


1. To combat Covid-19 pandemic as a measure of avoidance, the focus will have to be much more on routinely washing of palms with soap beneath jogging h2o. Considering the fact that the soaps are washed off from the arms with drinking water, the soaps do not go away any residue on the palms to induce any damage.

2. Alcoholic beverages-based hand sanitizers, if it should really be applied, will have to be made use of very tiny and the palms should quickly be moisturised just right after making use of it on the skin with normal shea butter, cocoa butter or any other excellent organic moisturisers.

3. Organic lemon juice can also be utilised as hand sanitizers and purely natural moisturisers really should be used to rub the palms immediately after use.

4. Applying only one particular kind of sanitizer and overusing it could bring about resistance to the great microorganisms that protects our pores and skin and could cause issues to the pores and skin, so at the very least two various forms of sanitizers could be made use of interchangeably as a result liquor (minimally) and non-alcohol-based sanitizers (if possible normal sort).

5. Home and doing the job environments ought to be routinely disinfected with at the very least two diverse forms of disinfectants to be employed interchangeably. These kinds of disinfectants could be typical households chlorine and hydrogen peroxide-based mostly disinfectants.

6. Apart from cleaning of fingers, it should be additional that if possible regimen washing of the deal with with facial area soap and h2o would be valuable since a single could touch the encounter inadvertently with a contaminated hand. A experience product may well be applied after deal with clean with cleaning soap to steer clear of dryness.

7. The use of liquor-based hand sanitizers will have to not be made use of on kids ( -16 a long time) rather young children soaps have to be employed to routinely wash their palms underneath jogging drinking water and less than parental/guardian supervisions.

Young children should not be allowed to have full accessibility to it as the tendency of abusing it which include drinking it is high.

8. Really should you have to use the alcohol-centered hand sanitizers, rub your palms away from your chest and nose to avoid inhalation straight or indirectly.

9. 70% alcohol-based hand sanitizer is hugely combustible and flammable hence if they are used or saved near to a fire could bring about fire outbreaks. This ought to be stored away from hearth and from spots this kind of as kitchens and so forth.

8. If by applying the who’s advisable alcohol-based hand sanitizers and you are enduring complications on your fingers as indicated previously mentioned of some of the difficulties, you need to halt employing the merchandise and concentration on common handwashing with soap under functioning water and could use lemon juice to sanitize your hands as effectively or go to your community pores and skin specialist for further assistance.


It is crystal clear general public health and fitness officers close to the world
which include WHO have been overwhelmed with the present-day global pandemic and in
their determined actions to support us all to shield ourselves and to overcome
the situation, determined directives far too have been supplied to the global
local community without having carefully looking into other really serious harming repercussions that
these types of directives could later on deliver about which might bring about more morbidity
and economic repercussions.

This overuse of the liquor sanitizers are not just been
used by grownups on your own but indiscriminately been used routinely on kids
and the quite outdated men and women without any precautional recommend. The authorities have to
urgently offer pointers.

Briefly, the disinfestation programmes that is ongoing in community spots these as markets, trains, buses, etc will have to not use only one form of disinfectant by itself as this could guide to resistant to environmental microorganisms. It is normally regarded that chlorine-based disinfectant is been made use of for this community areas disinfestation, nevertheless, other environmentally friendly disinfectants this kind of as hydrogen peroxide have to be utilised alongside the chlorine-dependent disinfectant.

WHO and public wellbeing officials top this Covid-19 combat must take into account and set up handle measures to curb the overuse of the liquor-based hand sanitizers to avoid one more world dermatological disaster as nicely as other relevant morbidities.

In my past write-up, I hypothesized and proposed that this mutation of this COVID 19 and its associated velocity and intense fee of transmission may have been a laboratory-primarily based manipulation of the virus intended to be employed against humanity for worldwide economic dominance by a certain country or it may well be a bioterrorist act and so forth, and someone somewhere together with WHO could have a clue but pretending they do not know anything at all about this virus.

We Africans have to not dwell in this planet as orphans and anything that is thrown at us must be acknowledged. This is a worldwide pandemic and we will have to similarly look into and request concerns so we can also come across options mainly because if educated measures are not taken the uphill consequence of the effects of this viral burden are not able to be contained on this continent.

African information need to be collectively mobilised and utilised now. And this is an option to collectively develop this continent. My subsequent write-up will target on this issue extensively so bioterrorism and genetic manipulation.

We shall triumph over.

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