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Information from the Morning Man: Pay back for ache


I went for a therapeutic massage the other working day (by the way, this is something I’d unquestionably endorse every single now and then if you take place to have a large-pressured job with long several hours).

I went to a spa in East Legon that I have been to lots of situations just before, and requested for a sizzling stone therapeutic massage – which I’ve had lots of moments right before. It is a comforting therapeutic massage that combines relaxing oils and smooth heated stones – extremely efficient for ironing out the knots in your muscular tissues and tendons.

Now, this spa has a quantity of masseuses – all extremely very good – but on this occasion, they assigned me, anyone, I’d never witnessed before. Me naa, I should have recognized there was a little something wrong when I saw her. She was developed like a Russian shot-putter, with muscle groups in spots I did not even know muscle mass could increase. With a upper body the measurement of a gasoline cylinder, this lady looked like a single of all those steroid-bingeing, night-club-bouncing, rugby-enjoying beefcakes who could crack a nut with their eye-socket.

Just after a handshake that I’m nevertheless recovering from this
morning, this Herculean Heiffer led me into a therapy place and shut the doorway.
Instead nervously, I undressed and acquired on to the desk, not fully sure what to
expect. Then the torture started.

This woman seemed to have some form of argument with my spinal twine and was bent on settling it with her fists. With blows that could just about every flatten a rhinoceros, this female-big battered a straight line from my neck to my waistline and back again again, around and around and above, till I was confident I listened to a thing crack. I yelped in soreness and 50 %-turned on the table to glance into the muscular experience of my torturer. “Ei Madam, why”, I questioned indignantly. “Are we competing for the same woman?”

“Ei, I’m not a lesbian o!” she retorted, her reaction a
very little far too speedy and her voice a very little also deep for consolation. I reluctantly got
back again into placement, but the battery experienced only just begun. She switched from
blows to karate chops, with even extra deadly influence. Each time the side of her
palm related with the pulverized flesh on my back again, it sent a shockwave of
this kind of untamed violence as a result of my physique, that I could pretty much sense my inner
organs jiggle inside of me, threatening to split loose from regardless of what feeble tissue
was holding them in put.

For one particular entire hour, my captor assaulted me with a repertoire
of fatal moves that each and every felt like they ended up made to destroy. I’m not
solely sure how I survived the whole hour, but I’m fairly guaranteed I blacked out
at some level. Continue to, it was not appointed unto me to die yesterday, so I
someway created it to the conclude of the beating.

As I winced my way gingerly down the stairs to pay out my monthly bill, I was instantly struck by a believed: why on earth did I not just get up and leave? Why did I lie there quietly and choose all that abuse from that hormonally imbalanced Godzilla? And why was I now heading downstairs to spend these individuals very good income for assaulting me?

I imagined to myself: This isn’t me. I know my rights. I
insist on them often. Why did I just enable somebody do this to me? Why am I
paying for my very own agony? Then it quickly dawned on me: I do this all the time.
We all do. We enable people today acquire our money and batter us all the time.

When we pay electric power payments and get Dumsor in return when we pay tithes and get wrong prophesies in return when we pay back taxes and get Govt debt and flooding towns in return when we shell out for wellness insurance plan and get hospitals with no dialysis devices, ventilators or even gloves in return, when we pay salaries of government appointees tasked with protecting our normal assets – particularly our h2o, and we get bribe-getting staffers, sovereignty-offering ministers and Aisha Huang in return, each time we do any of these, we are, in outcome, carrying out particularly what I did – we are spending for our personal soreness.

Certainly, that IS a dumb point to do. Sure, it actually does make no
feeling to allow the individuals who are paid to address our problems to essentially BE
our difficulties. We normally complain that our leaders are corrupt, that they aren’t
accountable to us. Well, our leaders occur from amongst us, so how will they
learn to be accountable if we really don’t keep every other accountable to commence with?

But you know, there is only a single man or woman who can cease this
madness, and that person is you. My dear friend, do not acquire any extra of this. Really do not
pay back for your personal agony. Never let people to choose your income and not give you
what you compensated for.

Occasionally, it is not just when we pay back for issues that we get
cheated. When we all sacrifice our organizations, our careers, our training –
just to continue to be at home and end the spread of this horrendous virus, but, some
unscrupulous Ghanaians maintain leaving their residences and escaping their towns for
no wise rationale, thus trying to keep the virus in circulation in spite of our
sacrifice, it is just as if we’re spending this higher price tag for even extra discomfort.
Remember to remain at house and make our sacrifice worthwhile.

So from right now, don’t do what I did. Never fork out for your possess
agony. Never accept something significantly less than you deserve from these who take your
funds, your time, your rely on, your really like, your vote, and give you disappointment
in return. Insist on your rights constantly. You compensated for a hot-stone massage, not
a stone-cold beating!

My identify is Kojo Yankson, and I’m no for a longer period heading to get it
lying down.

Superior Early morning, GHANAFO!

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