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Just before you endorse mandatory use of do-it-yourself facial area mask


Very few nations around the world walked into 2020 with the self esteem, swag, and hopefulness that we did as a state. The Yr of Return highlighted the richness, innovation, pride, and optimism we have generally experienced as a nation.

Nonetheless, following 4 presidential updates on the Covid-19 pandemic, the Globe and Ghana are engaged in a fight, compared with any other.

Our world response to the pandemic will be judged by its decisiveness, comprehensiveness, and extent of inclusion of broad stakeholders and interests. In Ghana, there has been no shortage of keen persons, qualified associations, religion groups and, labour teams featuring insights and contributions.

Nevertheless we are in uncharted waters, and the COVID-19 pandemic would seem to have an edge despite world-wide and regional tries to mitigate unfold. Our World village is in a extensive-drawn battle demanding interventions grounded in science, continual learning,  empathy, [local] context, and inclusive in technique.

A Good Conclusion AND A Speedy Final decision

Our world wide
and countrywide efforts make a variation if implemented a 2nd, a working day or a 7 days
as well early or way too late. The fat of every single choice keeps the President, the
health workforce, the doing the job course the protection, the media, and a variety of arms
of authorities up-at-night. The effects of the lockdown have left some
proponents 2nd-guessing the choice. 1 big lesson we realized was the
schism in between a “good idea” and its implementation. Our elaborate
adaptive globe reminds us that modern society and character will react to any adjust that
disturbs the latest equilibrium.

Immediate CYCLE Evaluation

Finding out
during the pandemic is a continual task for groups advising the President.
Yesterday’s success or failure must not discourage just one from engaging in a
immediate cycle examination of recent and long term interventions.

Generating rounds
across academia, civil culture and the investigate neighborhood is the price of
inhabitants-amount use of facial area mask. This discussion will before long make its way to social
media platforms and finally conclude up as a issue to Kojo Oppong Nkrumah,
Minister of Details, as has turn out to be the practice. But ahead of you do that, I
have summarised some of the arguments bordering the use of a facemask.

Mask for All

Track record:  A latest Lancet
commentary on the rational use of facial area masks in the COVID-19 pandemic
highlights the “absence of evidence” on the security received by a
do-it-yourself facemask when applied by the inhabitants. This has been fueled by analysis
findings indicating that it requires 66 minutes for 50 percent of the virus in
aerosolized droplets to reduce its features. 
A YouTube viral online video simulating period and dispersion on droplet from
sneezing, coughing and chatting has heightened worry all-around the asymptomatic
unfold of COVID-19.

Concern: Will the obligatory use of home made confront mask assist flatten
the epidemic curve?

There is a exploration hole on the result of the population use of
facemask on a local community outbreak. Nonetheless, there are study findings on the
protective impact of “surgical mask” between overall health care employees. The exterior
validity of a scale up to the populace really should notice that the environment-culture,
confront mask kind, technological experience, and work atmosphere of the topics of
the scientific tests vary.

What do we
know? Some regions in China and recently the Czech Republic have carried out
mandatory use of experience masks. In the Czech Republic, this involves selfmade facial area
masks built from tee shirts and apropos spare garments. Unlike countries with
the luxury to distribute surgical or health care facemasks, the do-it-yourself deal with mask
sewn by citizens and worn in community.

The Entire world
Wellness Corporation (W.H.O.) encouraged that healthier folks only need to put on
a mask when getting care of a particular person with COVID-19 infection. The W.H.O.’s information
was timely as the normal general public at that time was contributing to the lack
of surgical facemask in the environment. Given that then, the debate on the use of mask
retains intensifying with latest reversal in policy by the Middle for Condition
Handle. In a memo to the White Dwelling, the Washington Post report that the
C.D.C. referenced enhanced proof in COVID-19 unfold by people who appear
and show up nicely. This reversal from the directive that-nutritious people do not
require a facemask is only an additional local community mitigation device. A selfmade
encounter mask or Do It Oneself mask should really not switch social distancing and hand
washing. There is a real worry facemask will undermine messaging similar
to “stay at home”, “wash your hands” or “maintain a
length of 3-6 feet from persons in public.

In a context like Ghana or African context, there are concerns to
think about.

  1. How is the local community responding to current education on handwashing,
    social distancing and directives to keep at house?
  2. Are the present messages precise, very clear, and contextualized?
  3. What is the communication dose on present-day academic messages? Is
    it suitable, sustained, relatable? E.g. How normally and how numerous are the
    medium and language used to converse current messaging.

If the recent messaging on handwashing, social length is typically
overlooked, we should to re-examine the difficulties immediately. Parachuting a further
neighborhood mitigation evaluate without a swift analysis will send out mixed alerts
to a segment of the populace however processing a “lockdown”, ”
a international virus in the air”, “a decline in livelihood” or
“soldiers on the street”. Misinformation and viral films unfold just
as rapidly as the virus, with faux movies popping up on social media platforms

My tips immediately after synthesizing some of the details are as follows.

What are the execs:

  • The facial mask will minimize distribute by asymptomatic scenarios by
    trapping droplets from the nose and mouth provided other local community mitigated
    steps are appreciably followed.
  • In communities with substantial transmission, mass use of a domestically manufactured
    mask may make improvements to crowd psychology and willingness to secure every single other.
  • The experience mask use will present visible reminders of urgency,
    seriousness, and have to have for the local community to battle pandemic alongside one another.
  • Evidence so considerably -(Carrying out absolutely nothing) < (surgical mask) <  (surgical mask + hand hygiene).
  • Engaging local artisans to produce a homemade face mask may
    energize the working class to play an additional vital role in the national
  • The impact of the face mask may be modest but will complement a
    contextualized national approach.
  • The government may not have to fund this project for the majority
    of the population.
  • A locally made mask may help textile, fashion, and vocational

Cons: Threats

  • Homemade facemasks are not P.P.E.s and should not be the standard
    for health care workers or frontline staff, except as a last resort.
  • Improper use and cleaning will increase the risk of infection to
    the user and the public. A randomized clinical trial in Vietnam published in
    the British Medical Journal compared respiratory infection rates among health
    workers who wore a) medical mask, b) a cloth mask and c) no mask. The
    Researchers reported higher infection rates in the health care workers who wore
    cloth mask (D.I.Y. facemask) compared to no facemask. Moisture retention, reuse
    of the facemask and poor filtration were some of the factors authors cited as
    likely pathways to infection among cloth masked health care workers.
  • Sections of society may reject this intervention for valid social
    and cultural reasons. Anyone who has used an untarred dusty road will report a
    common sight of drivers, passengers, “okada drivers” and pedestrians using
    bandanas, homemade masks, and handkerchiefs to reduce dust inhalation. A keen
    observer will also note that hygiene around the use of these masks is
  • The affluent in society may purchase scarce surgical mask meant
    for health care workers.
  • Sections of the public may have a false sense of security if
    education is inadequate.
  • Facemask complements hand washing, social distancing, and is not a
    silver bullet.

Should we get to that decision node suggested implementation
guidelines may include:

  • Voluntary use of homemade mask should only be considered as an
    additional community mitigation measure. Regular evaluations should be done on
    community adherence to current COVID-19 messaging.
  • Homemade masks should be of the right material ( cotton), multilayered,
    and fit snuggly to an individual’s face.
  • Homemade facemasks should be locally made masks made from personal
    items such as old clean clothing.
  • Surgical masks should be reserved for health care workers and sick
  • Guidelines on design, cleaning/washing should be provided by the national
    response team.
  • Individuals should own multiple masks, regularly wash and dry them
    in the sun.
  • Facemasks should not be shared within households or among family
    and friends.
  • Reuse of facemask without adequate cleaning and washing would lead
    to individual infecting him/herself with both bacterial and non-COVID-19 viral
  • Educational videos on handling facemask should be shared using
    social media platforms.
  • Facemask may be useful in high transmission spots with high public
  • Education! Education Education!

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