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Deal with masks give fake stability if not effectively made use of – Dr Titus Beyuo


The Deputy Normal Secretary for the Ghana Medical Affiliation has cautioned Ghanaians on the use and re-use of deal with masks by a cross-area of the general public to avert the distribute of coronavirus.

In accordance to Dr Titus Beyuo, the masks can provide as a reservoir for micro organism and the virus if they are not utilised adequately.

“I have observed how men and women use the masks and it is really perilous. The golden rule is, it must be on or off, not hanging. Hanging defeats the whole objective of the masks,” he discussed on Newsfile, Saturday.

He advised Samson Lardi Anyenini, host of the present, that when people carrying masks have other individuals talking so close to them, the front component of the masks gets contaminated.

As a result getting rid of the mask to let it hold on the upper body spreads whatever germs or virus is on it, which in switch exposes the internal area of the mask.

Dr Beyuo stated, “a mask gives a feeling of wrong protection if not used properly and it essentially can be much more unsafe to you.”

“If you’re employing the exact same mask for a week, pulling up and down refixing it and employing your hand on it all the time then it traps a whole lot of organisms and even this coronavirus and ultimately you just infect you.”

He urged persons to know the sort of mask they have and use
them properly. He mentioned that disposable masks should really be carried out away with quickly
following use.

He proceeded to display how reusable clinical masks should really be applied incorporating that they could be kept in a plastic bowl with the internal encounter down.


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