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Covid -19 price minimisation. Do we know what to do?


Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus states there has not been an urgent sufficient escalation in testing, isolation and make contact with tracing

So it didn’t click on before on, you know. It did way afterwards.

Well being and medication is key issue for every my former and preliminary instruction. So when this began, I was focused on the need to have to stop distribute and aid as a lot of persons as may possibly be possible from starting to be stats to this corona problem. 

If you might have recognized then, I was on a a single – gentleman marketing campaign producing on the dilemma in Wuhan even when it was nevertheless in China ONLY and has not as but unfold exterior of China to the environment. 

I was writing principally to Teach as numerous people as might be feasible regarding what was occurring in Hubei province to generate that one of a kind awareness and bring to the fore a specific Perception that may not be obtainable or else from anyplace else in the entire world. Of class practically nobody compensated heed.

Individuals claimed my writings were ‘too much’ and ‘too long’. I retained writing and sharing what the mass media and open up resources churned out about the Wuhan issue day-to-day.

With time in February 2020, my enterprise companions experienced a ask for for substantial volumes of provides of Covid-19 management and containment wares for customers in the West despatched to me.

At that time, folks started recognizing what global threat did loom. I shared this with a few of folks (not on this system then, simply because I had stopped creating right here and didn’t want to violate that self limitation at the time).

My comprehension then was that this problem would be held outdoors of Ghana and for several factors. But then came Oslo. I experienced missed that angle.

Norway turned the issue as the ambassador in Ghana reportedly analyzed optimistic for the virus. The United Nations’ employee also reportedly analyzed positive.

I realized how I miscalculated the progression from Wuhan then or how I skipped the evolving global operation. But then I also understood promptly what was going on.

Ghana would possibly not have declared any single Covid-19 scenario were being the Norwegian ambassador and UN person’s predicament not built public. If Ghana did not declare formally, COVID-19 situations would have been dealt with quietly without the general public getting subjected to the hysteria that came with it.

The affiliated price tag would have been prevented and or minimized and that would have been regular practice in Ghana. Having said that, Ghana experienced to be ‘forced’ to declare for explanations that are starting to be clearer by the working day.

So we had our President invited into a occasion with the Norwegian ambassador and then hrs or times later, the ambassador was explained to have experienced the virus so that the wife was isolated and our President and his individuals ended up all Uncovered. Since then, we had to declare that we experienced Covid-19 circumstances and the relaxation is now background.

 While this was occurring, the media hysteria did not make a great deal sense offered the Covid-19 statistics.

Neither did the so termed celebrity and large profile personality advocacy and order for people to Continue to be Dwelling.

The GMA Ghana Clinical Association that could have picked the sign from Wuhan and have an advisory sent to the Director Normal of Ghana Wellbeing Company and or  the Minister of Well being for the President to be thoroughly guided, was  involved in a economical conflict in that important period leading to Ghana declaring its 1st COVID-19 situations.

 It was threatening an industrial action.

The GMA would on the other hand soon increase its voice to the lockdown hysteria as the tension mounted on the government.

Meanwhile the media experienced not been precise about anything at all major for a very long time. The worldwide gurus have not both. For the media and international industry experts to lead the cost on this subject with the discredited WHO usually means so significantly then. It bought me wondering more difficult.

Take note that the media and gurus unsuccessful to predict BREXIT or Trump’s get, and or warn the world against Wuhan. These had been world changing gatherings.

Their credibility experienced been concern with regards to precision and predictive correctness. However, these people led the advocacy for COVID-19 containment and their prescription must be sacrosanct when they unsuccessful to foresee the unfold to commence with?

It did not make perception.

Then it commenced to make sense.

The Ethiopian puppet at the WHO is or was communist. Communist China unleashed this challenge on the planet. The WHO had been whoring for China for some time now.

The influence of Covid-19 features cost to worldwide and nationwide economies, the claw back of constitutional gains and the incremental imposition of the surveillance point out. These provide interests that profit China and the international bureaucracy that favor globalization and communist China.

The WHO unsuccessful to foresee Wuhan, failed to keep China accountable, failed to act to keep the dilemma inside China, refused to declare a pandemic in time to help limit distribute from China and across the world, criticized Donald  Trump for performing to limit distribute from China to the west and the entire world then Instantly Realized ALL ABOUT International CONTAINMENT OF THIS Trouble together with demanding that persons keep at house?

Why the emphasis on individuals remaining off the streets but could be crowded at residence?

Why didn’t the WHO act to restrict the issue to China when it was feasible anyway?

Accomplishing so would have minimized the value to the globe and the world’s folks. But Tedros and the WHO did not. WHY?

These are some of the issues we set out to response when we stumbled on the   plot that applied Covid-19 as the include. And it all helps make so a lot perception now.

Likely forward, we hope that the professional medical community act gallantly to contain the general public health and fitness crisis while ideal protected from the contagion, and that our ideal thinkers may perhaps arrive to grasp the import of ALL this viral include so to strategize to limit the over-all value to our homeland Ghana.

But then again, the issue is irrespective of whether or not we know what to do when the realization of what global game is at perform, finally dawn on plenty of of our thinkers and strategists. Do we know?


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