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Why Ghana has gone into mourning right after mass funeral ban


Funerals in Ghana are perfectly recognised to be elaborate affairs with specially built coffins

If any one had any
question about just how critical the Covid-19 outbreak is, we now have proof
positive, we are in the midst of a large disaster.

This is a crisis not measured but by how numerous individuals have been taken unwell, or are in the healthcare facility or have died.

Listed here
in Ghana, there are some things that are sacred in our life and nobody touches
them underneath any circumstance: religion, handshakes and funerals.

are topics that are not up for discussion and numerous people today imagine they outline
our pretty existence.

Several peoples’ life revolve all-around religion and the standard prayer periods

For weeks, government
and overall health officials here have been warning every person to strengthen private
cleanliness and avoid crowds.

Numerous men and women chosen
to believe that the coronavirus would not make it into sub-Saharan Africa and
as a result they thought the warnings by the health professionals could be ignored.

‘Only enemies refuse to shake hands’

Whoever listened to of a
Ghanaian, in fact, an African greeting another person and not shaking hands?

To refuse or overlook to
shake fingers with another person suggests that human being is an enemy. Now we can not shake fingers
with any one, pal or foe.

President Nana
Akufo-Addo established the tone for the new principles at the celebrations of Ghana’s 63rd
independence anniversary on 6 March, when he ostentatiously held equally his hands
resolutely at the rear of his back again when he arrived at the ceremony to greet these
seated on the dais.

And as although the
prohibition on handshaking was not traumatic enough, a ban has been set on the
keeping of funerals. The official announcement says there can be personal
burials, but no mass gatherings of mourners.

I am not guaranteed I can
convey the enormity of this on the Ghanaian psyche.

is no such issue as a personal burial in our thinking and funerals are big,
remarkable and standard ceremonies.

lives revolve around funerals.

catering market depends on funerals to survive, the textile business wants
orders for funeral cloths to remain in organization, the tailors and dressmakers are
chaotic mostly for the reason that they make dresses for funerals choral groups, events
organisers, transportation and manufacturers and sellers of alcoholic and
non-alcoholic drinks would vanish with no funerals.

there will be no extra funerals.

Come to believe of it, what with the handshaking ban, it is most likely just as nicely that a ban has been placed on funerals.

simply cannot have funerals and not shake fingers, the entire funeral ceremony is composed
of shaking arms, shaking palms and shaking hands.

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