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Pleasure Information reporter shares encounter following exclusive accessibility to a coronavirus holding centre


The notion among the the standard populace about Covid-19 patients is that they both have a broken or compromised immune program, and their mobility has been hampered.

Worse, several consider Covid-19 individuals are usually on lifetime support. I have to confess I have dabbled in some of these mistaken perceptions, but that adjusted just about right away when I stood inches away from the cordoned-off space that separates the frontline wellness workers from (and the sufferers) from the general populace.

I noticed some of the Covid-19 individuals pacing up and down on the corridors of the Ga East District Medical center – Ghana’s central keeping and cure facility for persons battling with the virus.

Even though exhibiting my daring journalistic prowess by operating checks and executing my have piece-to-digital camera (that is just when a reporter appears into the camera to discuss instantly to the viewing audience) and gathering movie resources for broadcast, a nurse approached me and in what sounded like a whisper.

“I would want you to explore and arrange with our leaders to allow you talk with some of the sufferers. I am self-confident that will minimize the rigidity and stigma the virus has produced among the users of the public,” she mentioned.

That appeal by the nurse, whose identify I didn’t get, built a good deal of perception. Simply because prior to my go to to the facility, my colleague Justice Baidoo experienced developed a fascinating tale about how households of Covid-19 individuals are dealing with stigma in their fast ecosystem.

Spouse and children associates of the patients who do company are regrettably seeing those people companies collapse due to the fact the folks who used to acquire their items are relocating absent from them more than fears of contracting the virus.

But that is a tale for a different working day.

Back again to my special obtain to Ghana’s Covid-19 remedy heart.

As a journalist, I’ve created the talent of eavesdropping on conversations just about with no an work, specially when I come across the discussion applicable or in the fascination of the bigger inhabitants.

So I deployed that talent when I was supplied the uncommon obtain to the facility, I overheard a single of the trainers of the frontline wellbeing employees telling the trainees to basically choose all the precautions each individual time just before they get shut to people, warning them not to consider possibilities that could depart them exposed and threaten some others.

This ‘stolen’ details obtained my adrenalin racing up as concern raced up my spirit. I felt insecure. But that panic only lasted a few minutes because just about fifteen minutes immediately after listening to that caution statement to the frontline wellbeing officers, I moved into a secluded region the place I interviewed leader of the country’s Covid-19 check workforce, Dr. Samuel Kabah Akuriyea.

Dr Akuriyea’s self esteem was infectious. The anxiety that raced via my spirits a several minutes before meeting him instantly vanished and my journalistic brain was active with a barrage of queries for him.

Like President Nana Akufo Addo, several Ghanaians have been sitting down on tenterhooks as the country awaits test success of countless numbers of samples that have been taken adhering to the lockdown and the subsequent call-tracing and tests, but Dr Akuriyea, with the assist of graphs and a movie animation, took time to clarify to me how the lockdown and the ongoing scenario administration has noticeably blocked hundreds of infected individuals from blending with and infecting the vulnerable more substantial populace.

The nation is also operating collectively with other nations, big and tiny, to come across a potent remedy to defeat the very small monster virus that has killed 5 in Ghana, hundreds across the world and left numerous battling for their lives in intense care.

The blessed ones who have taken a number of tests and have been cleared to be detrimental are sitting down at home, hoping they don’t get to be carried to the healthcare facility by loyal household associates and shut associates who have stood by them.

The Environment Wellbeing Organisation’s Solidarity undertaking, a huge trial, testing the possible of therapies, outdated and new, to conquer the coronavirus that is causing the recent pandemic was ongoing at the holding centre. Prescription drugs like asytromison and hydroxychloroquine, ended up getting trialed on eager individuals with the hope of figuring out the capsule that will land the knockout punch to the virus.

This picture taken on February 4, 2020 exhibits a medical team member showing a take a look at tube just after taking samples taken from a particular person to be examined for the new coronavirus at a quarantine zone in Wuhan, the epicentre of the outbreak, in China’s central Hubei province. – The earth has a “window of opportunity” to halt the distribute of a deadly new virus, world wide overall health authorities claimed, as the range of persons infected in China jumped to 24,000 and hundreds of thousands far more were ordered to keep indoors. (Picture by STR / AFP) / China OUT (Picture by STR/AFP via Getty Photos)

If the Solidarity tests turns out to be productive and an antidote is discovered, that will, with out a question throw the planet into joyous mood like in 1940 when the US developed a vaccine for the lethal influenza pandemic, Spanish flu that pillaged the earth among 1918-1920, by infecting some 500 million folks globally, and killed thousands and thousands of men and women across the globe. 

Ghana’s method to battling the virus, educated by a raft of measures declared by the President, places the region in a direct to profitable the combat. And that is why the stay-at-property directives to cease the spread of the virus is such a essential one particular that need to be adhered to by the more substantial population.

Corporate organisations have also risen to the occasion and acknowledged the problem of the President by donating PPEs to keeping and therapy facilities across the state.

I still left the Ga East District hospital with a great deal of hope that we will not get to the levels of Usa and Europe. That hope was consolidated when benefits of some 700 test success came out and only 14 tested constructive to the virus.

I smiled and thought to myself, Dr Akuriyea  may be appropriate afterall: Ghana stands a superior opportunity of finding out of the coronavirus woods unscathed. In reality, I am certain that Ghana will not be battered like the Usa, Italy, France, Spain, and Germany have been pounded – pretty sadly – by the virus.

I am hopeful that the pandemic will depart a legacy of upholding the best stage of personal hygiene and protection in Ghana’s cultural fabric for generations to arrive.

To the frontline wellbeing staff I say, sannu-ku da aiki, Nii tuma, Ayekoo, mia wè dɔ wɔm, nye tsum kaa.


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