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In the Ohene house when we have been escalating up, there was a scientific rationalization for almost everything, specifically something to do with health. If you complained of a headache, there had been a variety of thoughts that you would be requested: have you moved your bowels right now? how significantly drinking water have you drunk and did you snooze very well?

Complications have been the result of not having eaten your veggies or fruits, being constipated, or heavens forbid, that you had somehow missed the Sunday-Sunday anti-malaria tablet, Resochin, that was obligatory for absolutely everyone in the home.

If you fell down and grazed your knee or obtained a cut any place on your human body, the antiseptic of alternative Dettol would be splashed on the location and topped off with a sticky plaster or bandage relying on how serious the lower was, and you would be sent off.

Just one of us when fell off a fruit tree and broke an arm and finished up in the hospital with the arm in a forged. It was a fracture, we were instructed, and the arm experienced been set in the ‘white cement’ so the broken bone would be immobilised and get a possibility to recover.

Malaria was the most widespread and common source of unwell health and fitness and we rapidly learnt that you bought it when you had been bitten by mosquitoes. Prevention is greater than treatment was drilled into us and we slept under mosquito nets, willingly, and took weekly anti-malaria prophylactic, most unwillingly and under duress, but we did.

If you received malaria, my Papa did not say so directly, but you had been built to realise you should have damaged a single of the procedures you were bitten by a mosquito and you missed the weekly anti-malaria tablet.

From then on, you realized you ended up likely to be very ill and experienced to just take horrible quinine tablets for about a week and be subjected to the steam treatment and lose your appetite and it will consider a although to return to very good health and fitness.


Science, we were being instructed, is a make any difference of 1 factor leading to yet another. Trigger and impact, I feel is what it was identified as if this occurs, it qualified prospects to that a person.

In our present conditions, we simply cannot see or hear a mosquito, but the lead to and effect is extremely much in operation and the prevention is greater than remedy statement continue to retains legitimate, in particular when there is not a get rid of in sight still for COVID-19.

There is a malevolent virus unfastened on a rampage through the earth. The virus appears to like crowds and gatherings in common. As a person of all those sayings on the Internet goes, the virus has an ego and won’t enter your dwelling without having an invitation. So, we keep at property, we clean our hands with cleaning soap and h2o, we refrain from touching our faces.

If we will have to go out, we keep the outing shorter, keep the recommended social distancing. We would continue on to pray by all suggests, but to estimate the Speaker of the United States Property of Representatives, science is the answer to our prayers.   

The witches have not however worked out how to consider and distribute COVID-19, so they are not in the photograph. We are all totally free, as a result, to adhere to the science.

With liked types far away

I doubt that I have read through or read as many unfunny jokes as I have carried out in the earlier two months due to the fact restrictions had been positioned on movements around the earth and in our little bit of the environment specifically.

Most of the jokes are woven about what a extensively really hard time husbands are heading to have and are obtaining mainly because they are pressured, for the very first time, to stay at home.

It has been put out there that this is some distinctive reward time for wives as their husbands have no selection but to stay with them in their homes, when the husbands would a great deal somewhat be somewhere else, preferably with a different female, a woman close friend, or what I am advised is identified as a side-chick these days.

I have witnessed staged videos of a spouse celebrating the lockdown for the reason that she believes she would now see a lot more of her spouse and he would hopefully even assist with the chores.

If we are to believe this narrative, it have to imply that what numerous connect with house is an not happy location exactly where they would like to spend as little time as possible.

It should imply that they really should have no difficulty practising social distancing in these self-designed or self-rented prisons. I have not viewed or go through the story from the standpoint of girlfriends or aspect-chicks.

I do remember a thing we utilized to say, which might be suitable for the minute: peace, best peace, with cherished kinds significantly absent. 

Nor any drop to consume

The announcement by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo that we will not be having to pay h2o bills for the following a few months has been the most cheering piece of news for the duration of these topsy-turvy situations.

It is not only since having to pay expenditures is not the most popular thing at any time. Drinking water takes place to have obtained an even more significant standing in our lives than usual.

Less than the current situations and what all of us are obliged to do, there is no stage in some of us being equipped to wash our hands and some others not able to do so due to the fact we would all be at chance from those people unable to wash their hands.

Some people today are demonstrating their joy by leaving taps on and wasting water. The way to demonstrate respect for h2o, it used to be said, was not to squander it.

Underneath our latest circumstances, we need to all just take it as our responsibility not only that we do not squander h2o ourselves, but to aggressively intervene to quit everyone wasting drinking water. If you see an individual throwing away water and you do absolutely nothing, it is like coughing in the deal with of your neighbour, it is like refusing to wash your palms or use a sanitiser right before entering a general public location and you are a hazard to all of us.

I need not go into the really hard fact that we would in fact pay back for the absolutely free drinking water considering that every single cedi the Federal government of Ghana has and spends, comes from us, the individuals.

At the instant, I just want to remember the popular poem by the English poet, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, and quotation: “Water, water, just about everywhere, Nor any drop to drink”. It might be cost-free, but you should never squander it. Our lives count on it.

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