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Ghana’s morgues could be jogging out of space as ban on mass gatherings direct to suspension of funerals

There are indications corpses may possibly be piling up in morgues across the region as people suspend funerals in reaction to the ban on mass public gatherings and the lockdowns on Accra and Kumasi to halt the spread of the novel coronavirus.

This is in spite of the point that funerals with 25 people or less are permitted beneath the limits.

This 7 days by itself, at minimum two hospitals in different elements of the region have appealed to households of deceased individuals to obtain corpses for burial to totally free up mortuary area for the newly lifeless.

At the Pantang Healthcare facility in the Better Accra Area, wellbeing authorities say the refusal of folks to keep private burials for their deceased kin has left the morgue choked. According to them, bodies are now currently being piled on leading of each and every other and the facility will shortly be unable to settle for new arrivals.

“There has been little activity in conditions of people coming for bodies,” claims the deputy administrator at the Pantang Healthcare facility. “Of system, as for dying, individuals continue on to die so the range of bodies coming in has not modified. So what has happened now is that the morgue is currently comprehensive.”

The Pantang Healthcare facility is in a lockdown spot and there may be more robust justification for families refusing to organise funerals right until the limits have been lifted. What is really hard to explain is the situation at the Bono Regional Clinic in Sunyani, which is not in a lockdown region.

Although Pantang Healthcare facility is piling the bodies on prime of each and every other, management at the Bono Regional Medical center say they’ve gone past the pile up stage and their morgue has far exceeded potential.

They are also blaming the restrictions on movement and the ban on mass gatherings for the recent state of affairs.

Administration say it is challenging for them to clarify why people have refused to appear for their useless relatives when the limitations evidently exempted private burials. They think, nonetheless, that a lot can be attributed to the wish by people of the deceased to arrange significant funerals, attended by hundreds of persons from distinctive components of the state.

“The 7 days ahead of the lockdown, there were people scheduled to appear for their useless relatives but they called it off. All funerals have been suspended,” claims Dr. Emmanuel Kofi Amponsah, Healthcare Director at the Bono Regional Healthcare facility. “But individuals need to know that some others are dying from other sicknesses aside from Covid-19 and we would need to retain them at the morgue. If people never appear for the types that have been in our possession for extended, we would have no other preference but to check with households to get their useless relatives house immediately they die.”

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