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In fact a darkish wind has blown


It is prevalent awareness that the earth is not in usual instances owing to the coronavirus pandemic. Absolutely everyone is trying to stay safe in order not to be a casualty of this novel virus which has now claimed above 1 hundred and 20 thousand lives the earth more than. Everybody is seeking to aid salvage the circumstance one particular way or the other.

Ghanaian writer and poet, Nana Fredua-Agyeman Jnr. has penned a piece on the present state of affairs in the universe. It is entitled, ‘Darkish Wind’. The poet celebrated his birthday on April 13, and states this is his existing to the environment in this time of adversity.

Read underneath:

Did we foresee our securities turning into insecurities?
What about clutching for necessities because of to absence of amenities?
Generating the wealthy vulnerable
And the needy honourable

If only humanity had not exhibited these types of intensive callous
We would have eschewed all types of pretense and pompous
Now we live in uncertain moments
Of which some have attributed to certain crimes

Let us not reduce emphasis in the fight for survival
In our quest for redemption and revival
We will have to hold afloat the thought of we
Even though suppressing the idea of me 

An sign of how the earth is connected
Verified by the ripple result when a person gets contaminated
We reside jointly in isolation 
Supplying remaining overs as donation and seeking recognition

I need you, you require them, they need us
In buy to keep alive
Appreciate the sacrifices of all those on the battlefield, thus
A thumbs up to one a further as we strive

In striving moments we have to have to be every other’s keeper
Go through soul exploring and delve deeper
Somewhat, if we develop into disillusioned and derail
The enemy will prevail

It is not a second to care for your personal
Without having tagging alongside those people still left alone
For it is these types of shakiness proven
That helps make the ice cream fall from the cone 
Without a doubt a darkish wind has blown
Un vento oscuro ha soffiato

Right after the murkiness cometh clarity
To price mankind below the scope of parity
We will definitely prevail over this check in our course
Getting with any luck , specified all shall move


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