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Management ought to take benefit of Covid-19 to develop the economy


I have been subsequent the trend of the occasion since the 12th of December, 2019 when the disease very first broke out in Wuhan China with keen curiosity and the way it is spreading in some aspect of the world like a bush fireplace in the peak of a dry season.

I have also been learning its influence on the people of my country Ghana and the complete West African countries. It is my view that the ailment was “dead on arrival” extensive before the president made a decision to action in and my factors are as follows:

The time in in between when the ailment initial broke out in Wuhan China and when our President 1st declared his interventions:

The condition was first learned in China- Wuhan, all around the 12th of December, 2019. However, the governing administration decided to consider a stage to arrest the condition somewhere in the month of March, 2020. A interval of very well over four months.

I know just about above 400 passengers travelled from China into this state each day in just this time. That’s why we envisioned a total selection of close to 50,000 passengers from China by yourself within this time when there was no these types of restriction in position.

Now the dilemma is, does it suggest that in involving this interval of virtually four months when our boarders were extensively opened, no a single came in with the illness before the $100,000,000.00 was declared by the president somewhere in the month of March?

Perfectly if some did occur in, then how arrive the disorder have not been equipped to make the needed affect like it is in the temperate areas like Fantastic Britain, American, Italy and most of the superpower nations we know of? Recall, these nations which are been influenced most have all the condition of the art gear medically contrary to us.

I believe we should really be even worse off by now if not at par with people international locations aforementioned by now if the virus truly is alive here.

The malaria-like signs or symptoms of the Covid 19:

As a folks from the sub-Saharan Africa, we have survived these signs and symptoms for millions of yrs.

It is only real that the Europeans could not do that therefore a great deal of them died when they tried using to settle here. I also know the cost of treating the malaria sickness in the United and other sites should really not be significantly less than $20,000.00 for each patient in see of the complicated mother nature of the condition.

In Ghana nevertheless, it is really basic and typical disease which doesn’t involve any protective clothing in advance of cure is completed. In point it is a family sickness which a seven outdated boy should really be in a position to get rid of it for you with any of our nearby medicines with relieve. Others are obviously not impacted at any quantity of mosquitoes biting them.

Just after all, it is identified to be addressed with hydroxychloroquine which is even outmoded in Ghana since other fantastic and refined strong medications have taken in excess of.

Organic medications like Tabea, Herbaqueen and some others are all dreaded by the so-called COVID 19. So I question myself, who is this Covid19 to lock us down as region? So you see it died ahead of arriving on the shores of the region apart from people who ended up attacked in excess of for a longer time period just before receiving right here.

The temperature difference:

Scientifically, it has been proved that the virus calls for a temperature down below say fifteen degree Celsius for productive replica of the virus. I marvel wherever in Ghana can the virus finds this temperature for efficient replica.

And I question how it will survive when copy does not acquire place? The justification by the Medical professionals is that the virus can adapt easily but that has not been proven scientifically here in Ghana and that’s why simply cannot be substantiated. Here, all we know is that, though a great deal of persons came from China in the midst of the illness, we are yet to see the damage it can result in if any.

We have other deadly conditions like cerebrospinal meningitis which has inside of the similar time period have triggered 37 fatalities and have infested over 270 in only one particular out of the seven regions still this sickness has not prompted the country to lockdown. That’s why, the truth continue to stays that the virus was lifeless on arrival

The way ahead:

Government have to Acquire Benefit of the Scenario Rather of Crying Foul:

I see the recent scenario as an chance for Ghanaians and for that make any difference sub-saharan africans to start off attracting financial investment options into this nation instead than executing the avoidable by subsequent the rest of the globe blindly.

I have often asked myself why is the stay at residence working for the persons in the temperate zones? The respond to is simply temperature distinction among that at household and that at the outdoors if not if you have it and you keep at household you ought to be infesting the sickness with all your home.

Outdoors temperature is very cold hence conducive for easy replica and the survival of the virus as towards the temperature at homes the place there are heaters all more than and consequently the virus can’t reproduce. So the U.S President, Trump after reported in his interview, “I am hoping to open up the economic climate back again by May possibly when the sun will be back again in comprehensive ideally it will decrease the impact of the unfold.”

Perfectly whether you believe that him or not, prevalent sense should convey to you that there is knowledge in what he is stating for the reason that scientifically the virus does not appear to complete well in a heated natural environment so only time can convey to.

I nevertheless foresee a resurgence if treatment is not taken any time there is winter season inside of the temperate zones especially and consequently it will make organization feeling for buyers to start out looking for destinations with higher resistance to this Virus and this is in which we in good shape in correctly simply because over there we stand benefit.

Enable us begin contemplating outside the house the box for at the time be sure to and not to observe the crowd. Just conclude the lockdown shortly!

Pick out the two lifestyle and overall economy for the two cannot be divided from just about every other for any meaningful reason:

In the closing remarks of the President on the initial day of asserting the lockdown, he stated “I selected lifestyle about financial state, for financial state can normally be revived but everyday living can not at the time it is misplaced.”

Well, I really do not know whether there could be any this means to lifestyle when you are suffering in phrases of hunger, imprisonment, the collapse of businesses, poverty, main to all kind of health issues and other similar social challenges these kinds of as domestic violence and even loss of life which you are trying to stay clear of. I have observed a large amount of individuals committing suicide as a outcome of untold hardship resulting from a mismanaged macroeconomy.

Case in point, why would Africans danger their lives crossing the Saharan desert, and even the useless sea to Europe? It is basically in research of greater lives.

You consider they do not know they can drop their life in the approach or what Mr. President? In deed additional Africans and for that make any difference Ghanaians have died out of poverty than any unique disorder have at any time killed them.

The repercussions of this lockdown will considerably outweigh that which this “dead on arrival” Covid-19 will take care of to bring about to the life of the individuals. From where I sit, there is no this means to lifestyle when your flexibility is as stake in the midst of these frustrations and that is wherever

I feel the two will have to of requirement go with each other. Human being are social animals and hence I will rather guidance the president to go for all the two for there simply cannot be any this means to daily life in the mist of avoidable chain of hardships.

Jurisprudential law will tell you to use the utilitarian approach to clear up this challenge in these a condition so you really don’t get rid of it all.

Placing up devoted centers to control and deal with Covid-19:

Federal government have to set up focused centers in all the sixteen Regional Capitals to handle feasible cases which may perhaps appear in the near upcoming and even acquire some of these places into worldwide facilities for the Covid-19.

For each individual area, a local community park or school can be utilized for that goal devoid of any elaborate infrastructure to start out with. Understanding that Ghana and for that Africa can constantly be the location of hope for the treatment method of this deadly condition, the international local community will troop in when the need to have occurs.

As for me, I foresee an yearly resurgence until finally a reliable vaccine is fully created, Ghana ought to be viewed by the world as the “PLACE OF HOPE FOR COVID-19” Sufferers across the diaspora.

Moreover, let’s lead the way by developing and advertising and marketing some of our local medicines for export to the most affected nations around the world. We can only that do that if we really don’t fake that we dying here from the disease when indeed we are not for good reasons I cannot explain to.

In summary, I will like to congratulate the management for the precautionary measures taken so considerably to for-shop any unlucky instances this virus would have prompted.

That reported, I urge the President to provide the lockdown to a halt any time shortly in order that the whole work out will not conclude up in futility and kick begin the financial state to convey again significant lifestyle to Ghanaians because definitely, the disorder was “dead on arrival.”

For non-public enterprises have experienced for far far too extensive underneath this federal government with all type of flimsy excuses as it is been perpetrated now primary to the lockdown.

It is accurate that we may perhaps learn some much more persons contracting and displaying signals of the virus but as to regardless of whether it can knock us down and destroy us as it is accomplishing in the temperate regions I have my doubt in see of the above-mentioned reasons.

Thanks, and God Bless us all.


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