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The reckless blunder “Nana Jesus” created when he fed multitudes at Asokwa


Just about every Christian appreciates Jesus was a “show boy”.  He did miracles just about everywhere he went. At a stage, His disciples and the men and women spoke so very of their master in His absence. He fed 5,000 individuals with five loaves of bread and two fishes. And the Bible reported He was the King of Kings.

If this Jesus were to choose His rightful put in new Ghana, his title would be “Nana” which usually means a Main or a King i.e Nana Jesus, alias Display Boy.

But immediately after all, “Nana” was not Jesus in a pandemic-strike Ghana for Jesus and his disciples weren’t this reckless in managing the lousy, hungry and destitute multitudes who scuffled for foodstuff ordered from their very own taxes. It was legitimate nevertheless, that the weak individuals had misplaced their senses to the starvation and unemployment that came with the plague although under lockdown.

In the latest weeks, my continent, Africa, has seen a couple of “miracles” in the wake of the coronavirus plague. These miracles have been recorded in at minimum two countries – Rwanda and Togo. They had been the “miracles of free of charge h2o and sponsored electricity”. Really not too long ago, an additional -“the miracle of feeding the multitudes” has gained some traction.

Rwanda has been pretty effective at this wonder. They are feeding some 20,000 homes. But their “Jesus” and disciples didn’t undertake cellular phone calls, an application tracking or a queue to serve their persons. They adopted the door-to-door distribution like Jesus frequented the residence of the petite guy in the Bible, Zacchaeus. 

Having said that, in my region Ghana, Nana Jesus especially his disciples fully commited some unpardonable faults. It was a catastrophe in an endeavor to take care of a catastrophe. Some 400,000 households were earmarked for the meals but after the initial tragic sight recorded in Asokwa in Kumasi, in which hundreds of people today were being observed struggling for foodstuff without having observing social distancing, or any individual sanitary protocol, we must be reminded not to get reckless with these kinds of fantastic interventions against the pandemic.

The recklessness of the Nana Addo Catastrophe Administration Corporation (NADMO). Oops sorry I meant the “National Disaster Administration Organization” (NADMO) is indicative of possibly the directive by the President came with no any definite tutorial by ideal parastatals to make sure there was no excesses developed in our endeavor to aid the inadequate or NADMO was simply defiant of any warning or greater even now, it was overcome owing to little or no prior evaluation of the feasible hazards of earning men and women variety a queue in a wake of a lethal disorder

Governing administration and its frontline ministries must have ongoing with close supervision of the nation’s initiatives to fight the pandemic, and the distribution of meals was not an training to participate in with. Try to remember even Jesus experienced a strategy for His miracle. He didn’t go away the feast entirely to His disciples despite the fact that they could deal with the circumstance. After supplying thanks and breaking the five loaves, He stayed to supervise the sharing. He instructed the disciples to question the individuals to sit in 50s and 100s. And according to historical past, He and his disciples ensured the finest, ours clearly wasn’t the ideal. 

Secondly, the disciples of “Nana Jesus” should’ve acknowledged better. It isn’t sufficient to say the folks did not listen to the directions to kind a queue. Just after all, NADMO is not alien to our section of the planet, exactly where pure disasters like starvation, plague and unemployment can make one particular go insane and decide on up arms. The leadership of NADMO shouldn’t have entertained just about anything group or gathering in the very first spot. I don’t consider door-to-doorway deliveries like the circumstance of Rwanda farfetched inspite of our about 16 million population distinction.

Thirdly, NADMO’s method exposes the creeping society of showmanship and populism even in our responses in direction of humanity, and that is a undertaking of our human body politic. Could be, NADMO as a disciple of “Jesus” was only attempting to score details for the cameras which could cut some electoral fortunes, probably with our without the blessings of their master, “Nana Jesus”. The lesson is, often just go the added mile and do a buffet if you want to fete the inadequate, and overlook about the cameras.

But the group was similarly reckless. If only we would take pleasure in our worthy of and the taxes that we shell out, we may be circumspect in environment negative precedence by permitting ourselves to be dealt with anyhow in social interventions. A week in the past when utility cuts ended up declared, I noticed with some shock the many citizens who hitherto preached that the nation shouldn’t politicize the battle in opposition to Covid-19, alternatively jumped on social media to start off trumpeting the marketing campaign slogans of political functions.

To them of course, the initiatives of governing administration weren’t an incumbent responsibility, it was a charity carried out the people of Ghana, and that’s why, it phone calls for voters’ acknowledgment in the 2020 polls. Why will not NADMO feel it was performing us way too a great deal favour by bringing the foods which belongs to us technically, at our doorsteps or using a comparable Covid-19 tracker application to get your meals product shipped?

The classes are – Jesus or “Nana” is the chief, He can take the glory when things go suitable, and so are His curses when a showmanship goes completely wrong even if it was supervised by his disciples who should’ve identified far better. Let us applaud when we have to, but let’s refrain when it will get too chickening and belittling.

Also, it is superior time the multitudes are educated that we shall experience what we sow as a individuals without faith miracles primarily in our aspect of the entire world do not occur, and when it does don’t forget to implement some commonsense lest we die like animals.

Kabu Nartey is the GJA Pupil Journalist of the Calendar year, and a  political communications advisor.



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