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Poem: Coronavirus vrs Jesus Christ


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When coronavirus procedures
The environment is in detention
Shelling out rapt interest
With out exception

Of Gods coming eternal reign
The planet has no avid retention
There is no apt attraction
Or expectation

Coronavirus incites preemptive deadly strikes
Christ Jesus resides
With redemptive saving rights

Coronavirus wrecks
mankind into demise
With these kinds of despise
Jesus Christ displays
insights into evil’s devise
With such respite

Coronavirus results in Covid-19 illness with simplicity,
Right until the ill is deceased
Christ Jesus, the religious best,
will cause illness to cease

Covid-19, is an impudent race destroyer
That leads to try, so practically nothing can prosper
Jesus Christ is the Prudential Grace bestower
Who quiets raging  storms
and results in the saved to get there alive.

Coronavirus Covid-19, why art thou so lethal and unjust

Lord Jesus, risen saviour, Thou art the righteous King who is just

Oh what a raging bullish battle
So feisty

Christ Jesus
Warfare weapon with spiritual could
recover the sick and resurrect the dead at your heavenly height

Coronavirus secessionist and random dying delinquent
Wears a gory crown of gloom.

Jesus Christ Intercessor
and eternal lifetime deliverer
Wears a thorn crown of glory that looms

The coronavirus reign of terror
Portrays a planet in mistake

Is there a hidden intent?
Or remedial attempt?
For quiet meditation
And divine mediation ?

Is there a phone to instructive
Godly worship?
From the Covid-19 harmful warship ?  Of :

*Swift loss of life deployment
*Stalled challenge improvement
*Unseemly occupation retrenchment
*Economies in regression
*Progressive  retrogression
*IMF money in diversion
*currencies in depreciation
*The world in economic downturn
*With this kind of digression
and Melancholy
Owing coronavirus aggression

An errant entire world in divine disaffection
Sorely in will need of “The Word” injection
Dealing with recalcitrant viral infection
Desperately trying to find vaccine direction

New methodologies releasing
On compassion leaning
The lousy and hungry feeding
Polluted cities cleaning
Environs disinfecting
Is corruption weaning?
Or in mystery increasing ?
What about soul cleaning ?
For renewed Healing
When Christ is nonetheless redeeming

Governments are stooped
All are spooked
Into stark abeyance
For Covid-19 abeyance
Will these types of a sudden annoyance
Lead to heavenly renaissance ?

United activism
Disunited protectionism
Entrenched borders frozen
Behold Christ blossom
For he is preferred

The coronavirus Rambo Rubble
Is a snafu of a Bubble
Why Kotow to a crown that destroys
Glance to the crown that restores
In this Covid-19 sorry year
Permit us with due reason
Get to for the cross treasure
Let Christ guarantee with measure

If an unseen coronavirus
can surface all over the environment at as soon as

Why can the known creator Christ not reappear with glorious renown all about?

We have an understanding of and obey Covid-19 viral invasion

We distrust and reject Gods unrivalled salvation. 

We conform to viral dictates of Covid-19 in universal lockdown 

We disobey Gods dictum of 10 commandments that lead to heaven’s lock-out

We fear Covid-19 sudden dying

We are unfraid that judgement follows selected death

We stay in a  earth managed by coronavirus Covid-19 carried by random human emissaries

We discount biblical truths carried by pick out spirit-filled human visionaries

Does the viewing is believing adage

Do you see the coronavirus that has you hammered down in morbid dread of  plausible extinction?

Why are you not thinking about Christ who bore your sin on the accursed cross
To restore you to everlasting life with difference

The world with a anxiety intuition
Is in Covid-19 deity worship
Severally bowed its quickly paced deadly stint

Hundreds of thousands in world-wide chassis
Struggling crunchy cash crisis
otherwise regarded as cashiosis

Individuals gravelly walk miles in desperation 
With starvation and perspiration
Needing much more than respiration

Survival migration module
Submissive strategic nodule
Avoidance of demolition as a routine

Loss of life and misery so replete
And hard to deplete
Coronavirus in its defiant evolution
Is akin to a demonic revolution

Coronavirus arrives undercover
With a lethal shower
And a chilly shoulder
To just take around
Like a raging rover

Do not make it possible for the havoc rake
The headline news is not fake
Covid-19 assaults the deck to ship wreck
Trigger distress with disrespect
And abnormal tension
No one can rest
It is a exam so do your finest
Not to transgress

Why this viral dengue?
Trying to find human refuse
When there is a refuge

Is there not a matter arising?
With nothing new under God’s sunrise?

In which is the devout gavel?
Why connect with coronavirus novel?
Behold Christ who is noble

Put on your day-to-day religion robe
And be in a prayer manner
Just take doses of wisdom notes
Search out the medicinal road
That leads to the healing ode

As the entire world fails
With Covid-19 on its trail
Do not be tame or frail
For the Lord will prevail
With assist for your ails

As Covid-19 harasses
Christ surpasses
For Covid-19 fear paralysis
Do the Christ analysis:
The ill heal
The deaf hear
Hungry thousands and thousands feed
The lame leaps
The dumb speaks
The blind sees
Demons flees
Blood difficulties freeze
All are comforted as he teaches
The lifeless in Christ shall live
With forgiven sin
This is why I preach
So that all can be arrived at
Ahead of the ultimate feast

You who in the league are the very least
Arrive to the living tree
Request the Hallelujah King
So that When the ascended Christ descends
In prophetic revelation
For divine revisitation
As is the ultimate designation
Your soul shall stay no cost
In the optimum culmination
Of the geared up place

Copyright  April 12, 2020

Email: busiafordemocracy@yahoo.com

Nana Afua Frema Busia


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