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Covid-19: 10 factors John Mahama & Akufo-Addo are entitled to some bash


Allow me to wade into the politics therefore significantly in our fight in opposition to Covid-19, for 5 preliminary reasons:

Point is, several of us (citizens) carry on to sow seeds normal of a place that eats and sleeps politics. Some say we have the bad to feed, so politics should really be an ‘away-bus’. Indeed I agree, but anything to get political events and candidates to do a lot more for the very poor and destitute must certainly be a superior plan. You are going to concur with me that these discussions to get assistance for the weak and needy by none other bodies than political parties and politicians, cannot be apolitical.

It’s even extra disillusioned specifically when political figures are connected to the powerful donations and the soul-seeking speeches geared in direction of trying to keep the lousy fed and inspired in these attempting times. For instance, Obama’s new speech to endorse candidate Joe Biden wasn’t only inspiring and sweet, but also political.

When the president, Nana Akufo-Addo crossed his third expression of management unto his fourth, he grew to become not just a president. He also turned the clear political candidate for the NPP, so when in his capability he donated his salaries, gave cost cuts on utilities and spoke so organically of his will to serve the people today even in this crisis, in one breadth he wore the hat of a president and in another, a prospect. The second hat obviously was to make him appear a superior option in the minds of Ghanaians about his opponent, John Dramani Mahama, arrive 2020 when we may well have a nationwide e-voting.

A lot more so, never assume political events to develop into NGOs right away or bodies which all of a unexpected fully grasp so effectively the concept of Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR). Which is why a thirty day period in the past, the Legal professional Standard of the Republic prayed the courtroom to rule in favour of the Nationwide Identification Authority (NIA) registration even with the evident recklessness in endangering lives of citizens in the wake of a fatal pandemic. Also which is why a week in the past, the minority in parliament will disagree with the speaker to dissolve the Household of Associates arbitrarily, partly for the reason that the country has even now no electoral roadmap.

Nations like The united states and South Korea further deepen our confusion and hypocrisy. The usa has turn out to be a hotspot for the corona pandemic but they’re nonetheless in the heat of e-political campaigns in spite of the wellness pressure. South Korea became the to start with country to conduct elections amid corona virus. Today’s The usa and South Korea are not distinct from Ghana. Coronavirus has turn out to be a leveler.

That is why not too long ago in my country, two “political” things have caught my awareness in our combat so considerably in opposition to Covid-19 – Applicant Akufo-Addo of the NPP and candidate Mahama of the NDC. I have counseled the president a few of moments when he called the proper photographs, as well as expressed my problems in his leadership in some earlier items.

Equally, former president JDM justifies some applause (bash) simply because of the disadvantaging posture he occupies now in our historical past, and how for some peculiar reasons, quite a few “citizen god-fathers” aren’t calling a spade a spade, less than the guise of politicism and coronavirus

My posture in this temporary seeks to emphasize the “natural” definition of “bashing” or “a bash”. The term denotes two factors topic to context and a dictionary– a celebration or social recognition( like a birthday bash) or the typical criticisms. I check out to do each here, so I crave your indulgence:

  1. John Dramani Mahama appears to be the a person losing additional as a political prospect in these attempting periods. His party which is in opposition has very little resources to its disposal, each to assist Ghana struggle Covid19 and to operate his party as an business as compared to the incumbency benefit of the NPP. But on April 14, the leader of the NDC showed impetus in his dedication to helping fight the virus by earmarking some 20,000 households and allotted no cost food items to be distributed to them. I come across this heroic statesmanship for the reason that the 20,000 target is a whole concentrate on for a region like Rwanda less than their social defense initiative by president Paul Kagame.
  2. Nana-Addo wears two hats at this phase – a father and a nationwide chief, one particular with wide resources at his beck and simply call ( our taxes ) as properly as his possess means. It results in being tricky to prioritize 1 hat around the other primarily due to the fact he has command more than point out methods. On the other hand, Mr. Mahama is also wearing two hats but quite identical – a father of a spouse and children in opposition and a grand opposition chief. What could be more frustrating than this?
  3. John Mahama could be a far more hurting prospect in these coronavirus times since of an premature change in opposition system. The NDC might be extra destabilized in opposition due to the fact the pandemic is not featuring a favourable political canvass for fireworks. They’re pressured to regulate. Speeches by Mr. Mahama are cautiously crafted to present the similar degree of hope that president Akufo-Addo brings in his similarly properly-crafted speeches. But once more, on a scale of incumbency edge and opposition, JDM would seem a whisker in advance.
  4. What do you feel is the driving pressure for a relaxed-hunting previous president to retain coming into your homes through the world-wide-web virtually every fortnight, just like an incumbent chief Akufo-Addo? Indeed, to convenience you in really hard times, but the 2nd is what you wish to gloss in excess of – Mahama wishes to direct you once more, even though Akufo Addo needs to confirm 4 additional for himself. But for the consistency of the previous who is faced with a legitimate position 3 previously mentioned, Mr. Mahama is worthy of a bash bash ( celebration)
  5. The times demand from customers a additional tactful and mature feeling of politicking. It is time to establish the skill of political leaders to alter to new political tactics as they continue to make themselves pertinent. Mr. Mahama seems to be carrying out appreciably properly devoid of sounding politically cynical.
  6. An opposition NDC beneath an evolved Mahama is extra oriented in direction of alternatives than political cynicism. Their applicant appears to neatly foster the contest of suggestions and substitute alternatives to the ravaging outcome of the coronavirus on the area economy even while he isn’t the president. Almost every single press come across and posture on the Covid-19 battle comes with some recommendations targeted at the ruling NPP. Now, that is refreshing to our democracy and it’s only suitable and healthful for constructive checks and stability. The problems committed by incumbent NPP, appears to be to receive some critiques and corrections from the opposition. For case in point, the mad hurry for food stuff by citizens in Asokwa in Kumasi on April 13, appears to be a little something the opposition seeks to accurate. The NDC went over and above just donating foods objects to the nation, to truly proposing the framework for distribution to keep away from breaching social distancing and other excesses.
  7. The high profiled Covid-19 Committee set up by the NDC was a excellent political tactic to present various or alternative management to combating the Covid-19 (depending on your biases). But what will make it even far more commendable ( and justifies a bash ) was the willingness of this celebration establishment to get the job done, not just work, but also function side-by-side with the incumbent management of NADAA to struggle the pandemic. This is in which I imagine the incumbent may well have faulted in our democratic struggle, therefore should have some bashings (criticism). Although I have read on numerous occasions, the leader of the NDC known as for the guidance of his appointees and the Covid19 staff in aiding govt with efforts to combat the pandemic, I’m nevertheless to see or listen to any close collaboration involving to two other than for the larger conference with all political get-togethers that were held. Apparently, I’m also nonetheless to listen to the candidate-cum president admit initiatives by his counterpart. 1 would say it is politically incorrect for a ruling party to collaborate with a infamous opposition, but the laymen dare say, give them a bipartisan technique to the combat from a plague because as the abused anthem has it “Coro knoweth not NPP member or NDC member). In any circumstance, there is an inter-celebration coalition assisting to feed homeless men and women. What stops this exact collaboration at the eminent committee stage?
  8. The buy of PPEs and their onward donations to quite a few hospitals across the country could be purely political and a element of level 5 above but the issue stays “has these hospitals and in fact Ghana as a complete, something to reduce if Mahama loses the 2020 Elections even soon after these gestures? No. One more obvious difficult real truth is the lots of established healthcare amenities applied in the battle in opposition to Covid-19 which were being supervised by the previous leader. This tells of the substantial capital threat undertaking by JDM. A lot more so, if point 6 over is legitimate, then the independence, parallel and daring expenditure by the former president is worthy of  a social bash (commendation)
  9. The NDC-NPP duopoly appears to be actual additional than ever. Obviously, even in pandemic instances, if it is not the church or the company tycoons, it is both the candidate of the NPP, or the applicant of the NDC executing something to remain relevant. And just like any other federal government will supply incentives and financial stimuli for the sake of its electoral fortunes in an election 12 months, an opposition celebration will check out as much as probable to vilify the regime. Nevertheless, the NDC led by Mahama hasn’t finished so substantially of that, somewhat there appears to be a profound self-justification of why JDM stands tall as the upcoming viable option.
  10. On a lighter take note, if soon after these clear motives talked over you continue to disagree Mahama has proven his stature and status as a very good statesman even in this disadvantaging time, therefore, justifies some bash ( significant celebration), it is possibly you stage me to a different political social gathering in opposition undertaking very same, or you position me in direction of your hometown. You may well as very well want to examine the headline yet again “…Not for the Biased”. [ Kabu smiles…]

Kabu Nartey is the GJA College student Journalist of the Yr, a various award-wining communicator and a young political communications strategist.


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