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Covid-19 and the potential of the church


The Covid-19 pandemic is getting an uncomfortable problem not only for highly developed international locations with remarkable medical services, investigation communities but also the Christian physique. In this generate-up, I have designed the position as to why as a Christian I am concerned by the havoc this pandemic is causing in this world at a time when prophecies and the term of God are not scarce all in excess of the entire world.

To make issues even even worse, Christianity is advancing at an considerable amount with preaching on radio and tv stations on a everyday foundation. Other than, therapeutic, symptoms and wonders, as nicely as deliverance by way of the electrical power of God, are at any time-current in several congregations and as a result it appeared on the floor the church was doing incredibly properly only to be strike with this pandemic.

The Bible states in Amos 3:7 that “Surely the Sovereign LORD does very little devoid of revealing his strategy to his servants the prophets.” This is the trump card adult men and females of God have held about the a long time and made them crucial figures in crucial conclusions earning in quite a few nations.  Adult men of God have unveiled God’s will and system to kings and leaders of nations with respect to impending potential risks and treatments to avert them:

  • God by Noah advised the earth of impending rainfall that would demolish the full globe and what to do preserve one’s everyday living (Genesis 6:13)
  • God through Joseph explained to Pharaoh of the 7 a long time of abundance to be adopted by seven yrs of famine jointly with the options and approaches to put in position to help you save lives (Genesis 41: 28-36)
  • God by the prophet Elijah explained to king Ahab that there will not be dew nor rain for a long time besides at his phrase (1 Kings 17:1)
  • God revealed just about every stage of His to Moses throughout the plagues in Egypt and every little thing Moses reported concerning the plagues came to go and at the correct time
  • Kings consulted prophets in Biblical periods to know the will and instructions of God just before heading to war.

The State of the Church currently

Even however there is proliferation of church buildings all above the globe and specifically in Africa, the exact can’t be stated of the existence of God or the church buildings accomplishing the will of God or even listening to from God. Could it be said that the terms of Jesus in Matthew 15:8 –“These individuals honour me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me” succinctly describe the condition of the church of these days?

I believe that the truth that the church, just like the state agencies and even the Globe Overall health Group and other countrywide and intercontinental bodies, has been caught unawares by this pandemic is a distinct indication that the romance concerning the church and our maker and saviour is not that good. Proliferation of churches and multiplicity of church programmes is not the same as obtaining a wholesome connection with Jesus.

Currently, some pastors have turn out to be celebrities and are additional of businessmen and women of all ages than shepherds of souls in the churches, function designs and custodians of moral specifications. The preaching and training of the Phrase of God is not as essential to some males of God as the money administration of the church. 

The result is that gentlemen and females of God are associated in scandals practically at the identical rate as all those who have nothing to do with the preaching and teaching of the term of God. Prophecies on nationwide issues lack precision and typically lead to ridiculing of adult men of God and the entire body of Christ as a full. 

Evangelism is no additional about Jesus but relatively the popularity of the church and their respective leaders. It is, therefore, additional or significantly less a aggressive advertisement to encourage one church at the expenditure of some others and has almost absolutely nothing to do with successful of lost souls for Christ. We, for that reason, conclusion up recycling Christians among the the church buildings.

These and quite a few other folks have significantly lessened the impact of the church on nationwide problems. The churches are not consulted on crucial countrywide challenges in order to know the thoughts and will of God but for the reason that of its massive following with the prospective of affecting voting patterns.

Job played by Christians all through the Spanish Flu Pandemic

In accordance to The Christian Evangel, the Assemblies of God’s paper of report, later identified as the Pentecostal Evangel, through the Spanish Influenza pandemic which started off in 1918, churches and ministers complied with wellbeing division mandates in the United States to shut their meetings and quarantine individuals who ended up sick identical to what pertains today.

They recognised that they necessary to safeguard people today in the cities they lived in. On many occasions, ministers cancelled revival meetings mainly because the influenza was spreading across the city.

Some observed the epidemic as resistance to the excellent operate God was accomplishing. Even so, they seen the unpleasant fact of human mortality as a increased impulse to get to the dropped.

Nevertheless, these believers also went to the households of these who ended up unwell to pray, and they noticed many solutions to prayer and the electric power of the Word of God currently being produced manifest. They weren’t scared to pray for the ill. In some situations, they ministered to them even in dying, as is illustrated underneath.

These and other tales through the pandemic gave the Christians the moral correct, bravery and faith to further more preach the Phrase of God when the pandemic subsided and received more souls for God.

The way forward: A get in touch with to return to God

The church has been supplied the ability to recover the ill and even raise the lifeless according to Matthew 10:8 –“Heal the ill, increase the useless, cleanse individuals who have leprosy, push out demons. Freely you have acquired freely give”. Illness from a novel virus is not exempted from the lessons of sicknesses we have been empowered to deal with. The world is hence on the lookout up to the church for potentially an unorthodox breakthrough pertaining to the corona virus and its outcome on the international neighborhood.

Ezekiel 22:30- “I looked for someone among them who would build up the wall and stand prior to me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to demolish it, but I found no one”.

We require to return to God and be a lot more empowered to offer with the scenario in get to have the moral suitable to explain to the world that we have a saviour who is not only a healer but also has the power and authority to give us life outside of this earth.

Should we be silent and stream with the tide and be conversing about flattening the curve as the medical pros and experts are indicating, we stand the threat of diminishing the impact of Christianity in national difficulties for a extensive time. This is a time for revival- If we missed the to start with opportunity of telling the entire world of the impending threat, we should not pass up the next option of having our impact felt in working with this pandemic. The time to act is now!

The creator is a member of Assemblies of God Church and a Controlling Marketing consultant by job.

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