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Globe Haemophilia Working day: Shut the gap, get concerned

The glimpse on her face was priceless shock, disbelief and grief mixed with relief as her eyes glistened with tears. “So, I’m not a witch, soon after all, I did not get rid of my sons”…And she held repeating people words and phrases. Why did not everyone notify her this previously, but alas much better late than never ever.

A cloud of darkness has been lifted off her head and lastly an solution to the musings of her heart.  She is a solitary mother of a few healthful ladies but however, the son her partner craved so substantially experienced eluded her.

The medical professional that her deceased sons, 4 sons who had been pretty healthier at beginning, had died from put up circumcision bleeding prompted by haemophilia a disease that actually implies, “loves to bleed” experienced just explained to her.

What is haemophilia?

Haemophilia is a bleeding disorder in which an individual’s blood does not clot correctly because of to deficiency of adequate blood-clotting proteins (clotting issue) which assistance to prevent bleeding. Influenced persons can bleed spontaneously or bleed excessively adhering to an harm or surgical treatment.

Its origins predate the Talmud era, in which the third son of a female who had missing two former sons from put up circumcision bleeding was spared from the procedure. In fashionable occasions, Hemophilia has showcased prominently in European royalty and thus is at times identified as ‘the royal disease’.

Queen Victoria handed the mutation for haemophilia B to her son Leopold and, via two of her daughters, Alice and Beatrice, to a variety of royals across the continent, which includes the royal families of Spain, Germany, and Russia.

Haemophilia is a genetic disorder this means the affliction is mostly inherited.  There are two most important varieties of hemophilia hemophilia A and hemophilia B and afflicted individuals have low amounts of clotting variables VIII and XI respectively. The condition is induced by a mutation in a gene which sits on the X chromosome. Males have a single X and a single Y chromosome (XY) and women have two X chromosomes (XX).

Therefore males are affected when they inherit an impacted X chromosome from their mothers. The illness as a result impacts additional males than ladies, as males have only one X chromosome. A woman carrying the defect on 1 of her X chromosomes might not be impacted by it. A mother who is a carrier has a 50% opportunity of passing the faulty X-chromosome to her daughter, even though an affected father will often move on the impacted gene to his daughters.

A son are not able to inherit the faulty gene from his father. Whilst haemophilia usually runs in households, for 1 in each and every 3 clients witnessed, the specific may be the to start with a person in the family members to be affected with a adjust in the gene that codes for the clotting variable.

Occurence of the illness

Hemophilia impacts all races and ethnic groups with an event of 1 in just about every 10,000 births. Around the world, about 400,000 people today are dwelling with the disorder and in Ghana we have 350 individuals in our registry. Based on the estimated prevalence, there could be about 2900 persons residing with hemophilia in Ghana with about two thousand likely individuals still to be diagnosed and presented complete treatment.

Patients with this disorder normally present with bleeds in joints and muscle mass causing swellings, pain and tightness. They have easy bruising, nose bleeds, gum bleeds and bleeds are difficult to handle soon after losing a tooth. They may well even present with blood in their stools and urine, write-up vaccination bleeds as properly as lifestyle threatening bleeding in the head, upper body or stomach.

The earliest symptom that could stage to this analysis could be wire bleed, scalp bleeds and most importantly article circumcision bleed. Submit circumcision bleed has been the bane of most marriages as couples reduce their sons from excessive bleeding following the treatment.


The best way to take care of hemophilia is to replace the lacking clotting component so that the blood can clot adequately. Now in Ghana, two in depth Hemophilia procedure facilities have been set up in Komfo Anokye educating hospital and Korle-bu teaching medical center where by clients are available extensive treatment to enhance their overall good quality of everyday living.

These facilities were being founded with the guidance and involvement of the Ghana hemophilia society (GHS), a non-earnings organization founded by a parent Mr. Martin Boakye in 2009. GHS has stayed focused on its core targets such as:

  1. Advocacy and Sourcing for prescription drugs on behalf of hemophilia people,
  2. Outreach and Identification of hemophilia people throughout the country,
  3.  Awareness development of the affliction nationwide
  4. Capacity building of Health care Staff in the treatment centers countrywide vast.

Above the many years, the society has been instrumental in schooling (from both within and exterior Ghana) well being treatment staff of different types from a position of around zero ability to a sustainable level of fulfillment, the place people now know where to go in scenario of want and what to be expecting for responsible treatment method.

For these achievements and far more, the modern society has received recognition and membership from the Earth Federation of Hemophilia, Canada. By way of the aid of WFH, GHS also benefits from the Humanitarian Support Plan where the modern society receives these high priced clotting factors for Ghanaian patients residing with hemophilia at NO value to the clients or dad and mom.

Have to have TO GET Concerned

Greater part of the individuals having said that are not able to pay for the laboratory investigations essential in the analysis and management of this condition. Like most continual conditions, mothers of children with hemophilia are still left to shoulder the stress of all the required laboratory investigations by on their own and the peculiarities in the method of inheritance even worsens this circumstance as fathers blame the moms for the problem with some shirking their tasks in the direction of their influenced little ones.

Earth Hemophilia Day is an global observance day held on the 17th of April by the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) and this year the topic is ‘Get Involved’. It is a contact to help enhance consciousness of the inherited bleeding conditions like hemophilia and to make ample care accessible to each individual who needs it in the a variety of communities.

With WFH shouldering a greater portion of the responsibility involved in administration of haemophilia, the federal government of Ghana could also take into account including haemophilia to the disorders under NHIS to not only lighten the burdens of affected family members but also to assist shut the hole in the care of these people.


The author is a expert paediatrician with Komfo Anokye Teaching Medical center, with support from Martin Boakye, President, Ghana Hemophilia Modern society,

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