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Puma Energy’s 5 strategies for staying alive throughout as Covid-19 pandemic


Puma Power, a chief in Ghana’s Oil Internet marketing sector has compiled 5 major recommendations on how greatest Ghanaians could stay crystal clear of the virus and avoid infection.

These strategies, however not new, are currently being highlighted for community training functions and will go a long way in curbing the spread of the virus.

  1. Continue to be Residence: Remaining dwelling is the finest option and evaluate to keeping safe and sound from an infection. For Ghanaians in the lockdown zone, their actions are now limited and this will considerably sluggish the spread of the virus. For people outside the lockdown zone, you will need to have to make it a issue to continue to be household as much as doable to steer clear of speak to and unfold, in situation you have the virus.
  • Simply call 112: By sort courtesy of Puma Strength, the Nationwide Ambulance Service has been delivered with cost-free gasoline for its 78 Ambulances running in the lockdown zone for a period of a single month. This suggests that you do not have to stage out to go to the clinic every time you feel you have any indicators of covid-19. Just dial 112 and the Countrywide Ambulance Company will be at your doorstep to pick you up to the medical center.
  • Clean your palms underneath managing h2o and with soap: As we have all occur to know, washing your fingers under managing water with cleaning soap for at minimum 20 seconds allows in stopping the spread of the virus as the soapy drinking water in essence kills the virus and therefore will save you from being infected.
  • Observe the Social distancing rule: 1 of the most crucial directives issued by the well being authorities is to notice the social distancing rule. This is effectively maintaining a respectable length of 3metres concerning by yourself and other folks to keep away from make contact with and infection from the ailment. Moreover, put on your face mask if you automatically need to have to stand out of your home.
  • Use hand sanitisers: Hand sanitizers, like soap, help to kill or numb the efficacy of the virus. So it will be highly recommended to preserve just one at hand and use it routinely especially if you transpire to visit any public put in which you could unintentionally touch some surfaces.

These five regulations could imply the difference in between lifetime and loss of life for you, so adhere to them extensively and bePuma safe. Puma Vitality cares deeply for you

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