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Cereal Processors Association donates to First Lady’s office and Rebecca Foundation

The Cereal Processors Association of Ghana (CePAG) has responded to the President’s call to support vulnerable groups in society who are in dire need of support to cope with the coronavirus pandemic.

The CePAG have mobilised two tons of cereals worth ¢10,000 from its members and presented to the office of the First Lady for distribution to targeted households in communities that experienced lockdown a few weeks ago.

The delegation from CePAG was accompanied by the Association of Small Scale Industries comprising Saeed Moomen, ASSI National President and Rev Christian Balagi, ASSI Greater Accra chairman.

The CePAG delegation comprised Erasung Hadijah, Genevieve Kwashie, Monica Okutu.

Speaking on behalf of the President of CePAG at the presentation, Erasung Hadijah, the secretary of the Association, said, “this is the time to serve mothers and children most since they are the most vulnerable in adverse conditions.

“By getting our own support to the First lady’s office, we believe it will make the desired impact in alleviating the suffering of vulnerable families in our communities.”

Shirley Laryea who received the donation on behalf of the First Lady said they were grateful for the Association’s efforts.

She emphasised the First Lady’s passion for providing for vulnerable families, especially mothers and children.

She was delighted about the fact that all the products and cereals were grown and made in Ghana and for the timely arrival of CePAG’s donation as they were in the process of preparing a package for an orphanage.

Cereals Processors in Ghana play a major role in the country’s drive for food security and elimination of malnutrition.

Cereal processors procure grains and legumes produced by farmers and process them into various kinds of flour-based foods that provide good nutrition to households in the country while reducing post-harvest losses. 

The coronavirus pandemic has seriously affected the operations and revenue streams of members thereby threatening the survival of members’ businesses.

“It is our hope that the strategies put in place by our government and global leaders to defeat and erase the coronavirus from Ghana and the world at large will achieve the desired results soon so life will return to normal.

“We also look forward to receiving government’s stimulus package for MSMEs to revamp our businesses,” Charles Atia, President of CePAG.

He added that CePAG members cannot wait to continue their business of adding value to farm produce and feeding the nation with nutritious meals. 

CePAG appreciates the prompt response of the following members to make the donation possible B-diet Ltd, Myda Foods, Yayo Foods, Yeidzi Foods, Mekcott Ventures, Dim Fonio, Selasi Foods, Mara Foods and Porridge City.

Other are Noyine Maltinga, Ghatty Foods, Pneuma Food Scientific, Family Sun, Blessed Child Foods, Saliscom Limited, Sixma Food & Beverages, Bafafa Food Enterprise, Maku Foods, Rafa Enterprise and GIG D. Enterprise.

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