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Akuapem kingmakers put in new chief amidst heavy protection


Kingmakers of Akuapem have initiated customary rites to set up a new Akuapemhene amidst heavy safety.

This was following Abrewatia of the Sakyibea royal loved ones presented one Odehye Kwadwo Kesse to the kingmakers as the picked prospect from the ruling gate.

A short customary rites was observed to introduced to the people of Akuapem that Odehye Kwadwo Kesse has been selected as Akuapemhene.

Odehye Kwadwo Kesse was then handed in excess of to the Baamuhene for confinement.

The set up arrives soon just after the Judicial Committee of the Japanese Regional House of Chiefs nullified the installation of a single Odehye Kwasi Akuffu as the Akuapemhene and directed that, he can’t keep himself as exact.

The 3-member Judicial Committee chaired by the paramount main of Manya Krobo Nene Sackitey ll held that the queen mother of Akuapem is not clothed with the powers to pick and set up an Odehye from a royal relatives in accordance to the customs of the land.

The Committee also held that the Abrewatia of the Sakyibea spouse and children whose transform it is it to produce an Odehye to be installed as Akuapemhene has the sole responsibility to pick and present a applicant to the Asonahene for onward presentation to the queen mother and subsequently set up as a chief.

The Judicial Committee, even so, directed that the Abrewatia of Sakyibea family, madam Lilly Agyemang creates a candidate and abide by customary rites for the installation of an Akuapemhene.

The Akuapem manhene stool turned vacant some 5 a long time ago following the demise of the Oseadeyo Addo Dankwa.


The Abrewatia of the Sakyibea royal family Madam Lilly petitioned the Judicial Committee of the Japanese Regional Dwelling of Chiefs towards 4 individuals specifically the queen mom of Akuapem Nana Afua Nketiaa Obuo ll, Asonahene of Akuapem Nana Kwasi Omenako ll, the Twafohene of Akropong Nanakromansa Amoah ll and Odehye Kwasi Akuffu I, II, III and IV respondent respectively for breaching Akuapem customary rites and installing an Akuapemhene illegally.

The petitioner prayed the court docket to

i. make a declaration that for each the customs and tradition of the people today of Akuapem, confirmed by statute it is the Abrewatia as opposed to the queen mother of Akuapem who has the sole prerogative to nominate a successor to the stool from a royal gate.

ii. An purchase that the purported nomination of fourth respondent Odehye Kwasi Akuffu as Akuapemhene by the very first, next and 3rd respondent is contrary to regulation and, therefore, illegal null and void.

iii. An get restraining the Odehye Kwasi Akuffu from holding himself out as chief of Akuapem

iv. An get that customs and custom must be followed in the nomination of the next successor to the vacant paramount stool of Akuapem.

The Judicial Committee of the Japanese Regional Property of Chiefs granted the aid by the petitioner and awarded a charge ¢25,000 in opposition to the queen mother of Akuapem and the respondent.

The committee directed that, the suitable customary process must be adopted for the set up of a new Akuapemhene.

Stability was really restricted at the Regional Home of Chiefs and in Akropong to retain get.

Meanwhile, attorneys for the queen mother Ansah Asare have hinted of his intention to file an attraction.

Akropong is reasonably peaceful.

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