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Backlog of Covid-19 samples impeding our means to battle pandemic – Dr Justice Yankson


The Typical Secretary of the Ghana Medical Association, Dr Justice Yanks on, has claimed that the large variety of samples but to be analyzed for the coronavirus, is affecting the country’s capacity to get forward of the pandemic.

“Clearly we have manufactured a large amount of development in terms of our testing capability but we also nevertheless have the dilemma with us we however have backlog of samples,” he mentioned on JoyNews’ Newsfile, Saturday.

He explained that, with the high variety of people who are thought to have arrive into get in touch with with the virus and the constrained selection of test centres in the place, a person analyzed has to wait for months prior to having his or her success.

This also contributes to the raise in the amount of situations as the individuals whose samples have been taken go about their every day activities and in the method infect a lot more men and women.

“The additional you hold out, i.e, the waiting time to get outcomes, people today commence disrespecting the preventive steps –  there is a likelihood that folks right after screening, awaiting final results will nonetheless transfer around,” Dr Yankson stated.

“If the individual turns out to be positive, in just 3 to 5 times, he/she would have had the capability to unfold the ailment and that adds to our situations,” he added.

Dr Yankson pressured that going by these procedures swiftly, will help the wellbeing authorities and the place to get serious time facts and benefits so that Ghana can be ahead of the virus.

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