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Covid-19 avoidance – How protective is your mask?

The use of face masks has not too long ago come to be the new standard pursuing the prevalent of COVID-19. As section of the combat to support control the increase in the unfold of this deadly virus, Ghana joins the world’s influenced countries to implement the mandatory use of facial area mask.

Despite the fact that various investigate results show that the use of a confront mask are not able to entirely guard individuals from contracting the ailment, it could at minimum lessen transmission of the virus.

In spite of this laudable motion to assistance control the pandemic, we ought to be reminded that, the proper carrying of the face mask, along with other protecting actions, contributes a large amount to winning the struggle in opposition to COVID-19.

For the initial time in Ghana’s historical past, it is advised that everyone wears face masks when venturing out of their homes into places the place it is challenging to keep social distance. We see persons all more than the streets, specifically in the Higher Accra Area, with nose and mouth covered with surgical masks, fabric experience masks, as properly as pieces of cloth this sort of as bandana, handkerchiefs and so on to avoid catching the disease.

However, this new society is not the utmost preventive evaluate from contracting the illness. The common washing of fingers with soap below jogging drinking water the use of liquor-centered sanitizer the servicing of social distancing and being house as a lot as possible should not be compromised. These procedures in addition to the donning of encounter mask might support maintain us safe and sound.

Dr Ebenezer Badu Sarkodie, Director of Public Wellness of the Ghana Wellbeing Provider (GHS), in an job interview with Each day Graphic, emphasised that not all nose masks have the skill to halt viruses and micro organism from achieving the nostrils and even the sort of mask that has the ability to shield one particular from inhaling the virus — N95 — desires to be worn thoroughly and tight.

Deal with masks for COVID-19 avoidance is frequently in three (3) styles: homemade cloth confront mask, surgical mask and N95 respirator. The N95 respirator is a far more restricted-fitting deal with mask which filters splashes, sprays, large droplets, and even quite tiny particles to a safety of 95 percent.

 The surgical masks are disposable, loose-fitting facial area masks that address your nose, mouth, and chin. They secure us from sprays, splashes, and massive-particle droplets. This mask does not filter out more compact aerosol particles, and also has areas on the sides which enable air leakage as we inhale.

Though surgical masks are not powerful as N95 in the defense in opposition to infection with SARS-CoV-2, they can support lure infectious respiratory secretions such as (saliva, cough etc). This can be a crucial tool in helping avert the unfold of the virus to other folks in our surroundings.

The fabric produced mask can be created at residence from house resources. Fabric mask does not filter smaller aerosol particles. It may possibly not be as successful as N95 and the surgical mask or may possibly not provide the exact level of defense as the other masks having said that, if it is worn appropriately, it can block bigger droplets ejected by coughing and sneezing and can supply us some germ security.

In accordance to the Austrian government’s medical advisers, the novel coronavirus is likeliest to be distribute through more substantial droplets ejected by coughing and sneezing which a rudimentary mask might impede. This indicates that even the cloth confront mask to a minimal extent, can sluggish the spread of the virus and assistance persons who may well have the virus but do not know it from transmitting it to other folks.

Because of to shortages and higher expense of the N95 and surgical masks, it is encouraged that they are reserved for frontline staff and the professional medical officers who are highly uncovered to COVID-19 people. We have to consider and patronize the fabric mask extra because of its affordability and very easily accessibility. Inasmuch as we adhere to the president’s directives on the use of facial mask, it really should not be done in isolation.

Other preventive methods these types of as: repeated washing of fingers, social distancing, should not be stopped as we are not wholly shielded from these masks. These masks if not worn correctly and adequately will leave us with no protection. Fabric mask must be sewn properly according to the suggestions offered by the Food items and Drug Authority (Fda) and must be washed promptly right after use. We ought to prevent touching our faces and clean fingers prior to and just after use because the fabric can accumulate germs.

In accordance to the Centre for Condition Command (CDC), the fabric mask should be washed with warm drinking water and ironed or be set in an oven for 20 minutes at about 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

“Cloth confront coverings ought to not be positioned on young youngsters beneath age 2, or everyone who has issues respiratory, or is unconscious, incapacitated or normally unable to take out the mask with out support,” CDC even further reported.

Analysis shows that countries like Czech Republic and Germany and other Asian nations have flattened development in COVID-19 scenarios after their governments declared the obligatory putting on of deal with mask, especially house-manufactured masks for all citizens.

Let’s struggle COVID-19 alongside one another by patronising and wearing the home-produced fabric mask correctly and applying other preventive actions to minimize our COVID-19 instances and daily life will return to normalcy.

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